I Have a Dream

That these will be the Patch 5.2 Patch Notes:


Glyph of Hidden Supremacy: Ascendance no longer has a visual effect.

Please. Ascending screams in german * oh yes, i went there * The angriest of languages SCHWEIGEN MICH SOFORT!!!!!!!

or silence me immediately.
2h Enhance with Windfury being able to proc off of itself plx.
theres some really good ideas in there, i like it alot.

P.S. i laughed my !@# off at your totem comment (wooden sticks). "Silencing the shaman has no effect on how the shaman will throw a stick at the ground" LMAO
Glyph of Spirits: Your totems now appear as Pandaria elemental spirits.

No. I like the unique flare each race has for their totems. It's like different racial forms for druid.

odd as it is, I think that should be replacing the elementals personally.

Although panda totems are beer kegs, nobody gets little elemental spirits as totems.
I'm going to take this as things that would be fun but probably never implemented.

-ICD on WF has been removed. (this would break many things, but it would be amusing)

-Totems are considered physical abilities again

-If they insist on keeping totems spells, make their health scale with the players' health.

-Having all the shocks on their own seperate cd's would be fun (it would probably break untold amounts of things though : /)

-I don't like the idea of having our elementals be permanent. I like them being used as more of a cd than anything. If I wanted a pet class I would have rolled one. (Not to put down your suggestion, I just really really hate pet classes)

-Give dwarves a expertise bonus to fist weapons and/or axes. Seriously, when was the last time a mace was a BIS item? BC? I normally wouldn't care but I was Horde for (7?) years and I was an Orc so it wasn't a big deal. The only race that is even remotely enjoyable for me as a shaman on alliance is dwarf (the lowest dps race for enhance). Something I would love, but won't happen.

-I think the lava shield and lightning idea is awesome

-No (or low) cd on Hex.

-Also the dual imbues on the weapons idea is pretty awesome

-Also they should add BIS maces that look like face smashing totems. Honestly, how badass would that be?

All that being said, most of these would be game breaking to some extent (minus a couple). It would just be cool to have : )

P.S.: I realize that I said give dwarves axe/fist expertise and then later suggested sweet maces, I'll just ask you to overlook that tiny detail : p
Can we also get a new Glyph for Ghostwolf?

Glyph of Ghost Crawdad...

I want to run around as Ghost Crab, change my name Shaman's name to GhostKrawler and run around the city to see how many apples get thrown at me...

BTW I have nothing against Ghostcrawler, he's doing the best he could.

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