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I, Ellywicket Tinkerfitz, hereby do denounce and declare, my intent to create and form the Fair Trade Initiative for myself and others to partake in the wonderful indulgences as a member of Azeroth's adventures.

The Fair Trade Initiative, ideally, functions as a free-form guild and trade cartel with no true leader or governing body. Instead, it is self-run by each individual member, all doing their part to keep server economies running smoothly in regards to items sold on the auction house at fair and reasonable prices to encourage any and all players to more fully develop and complete a set of items for use in roleplaying.

As a result, the Fair Trade Initiative would most likely rely very little on the actual server auction houses due to the issue of obvious trolls and hooligans who gouge prices and exploit markets (and, as we're all aware, a vast majority of the culprits have no doubt purchased gold with which to manipulate and monopolize the auction houses).

In essence, this newly formed cartel will fall upon players to exchange items between one another via organized forum contact, or battle tag exchanges to facilitate commerce.

Project Guidelines for trade:

A) Pricing
As a means to improve roleplay experience, and help improve trade between players, prices are expected to be reasonable! Even though MoP has ridiculous opportunities for gold acquisition, some of us do not have deep pockets for any number of reasons (mine being a majority of time spent in PvP or doing older dungeons for transmog). Now, it doesn't mean everything should be mere pennies, but charging 500+ gold for a low-level item that is still available in the game is really obnoxious.

B) Item Availability
Personally, I'd discourage trying to fence items that are no longer available in the game, out of principle that there could be price exploited as a result. That being said, I would encourage people to sell these unique items to people who truly intend to equip/use them and fully support anyone wishing to do so. But, if you buy something like a set of Defias gear, it better not be on the AH later.

C) Cross-faction trade
The FTI fully supports interaction on both sides for all manner of goodies to enjoy, and as such the neutral auction houses will be utilized. It is highly recommended that any and all trades to be made between factions be discussed privately for the time that the exchange would be made, so as to not allow for third party snipers to steal the item.

In closing:

I do hope that I can gain a good, steady group of people to begin trading with one another for the betterment of their servers, and to help people achieve the right looks that they want for their characters and fitting their backgrounds. I, myself, am on Moon Guard, and prices are beyond ridiculous for even the most basic of items. I'm a little sickened by it, and just want something done to build our own trade community free from the monopolies and manipulation at the hands of gold buyers and major venture capitalists out for nothing more than money.

Thank you.

I applaud your efforts, Elly. I will go you one better. I am willing to set up a tailoring shop in Stormwind like once a week on a weekend afternoon to give those who are searching for a less expensive way to get ordinary clothing at cheap prices. I am almost maxed as a tailor. and I do offer enchanting as well.

I suggest a Trade fair. Gold need not trade hands, I am willing to craft any low level item free of charge in exchange for mats. Perhaps a leathercrafter and a blacksmith can join me in offering their services in the same manner.

Need bags? Always free with mats. Any size as long as you can supply the mats. I do not have the windwool pattern yet, but will have it soon. (for the bags.)
Wonderful! I am leveling up several characters and their professions as best I can (what with needing obscene amounts of ore for Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing, and herbs for Alchemy and Inscription), and can do some of the old-world patterns as well. Not the good ones, sadly, as I was unable to acquire the patterns before Cataclysm removed them, much to my dismay.

I, too, offer exchanges of goods for materials, provided that certain materials are no Spirits.

I sell Engineering mounts for ~20-30k due to only going out and farming (literally) the spirits, and getting Kyparite as I roam around, but I make no effort towards other materials.
This character has been around a long time and I might have some tailor patterns that are no longer in game. So does anyone want to set up a Trade fair and make this happen?
Im actually diggin this, i will make a char on moongaurd... alliance? and help you out.(Im kinda interested in getting back into world RP.)
I have been thinking of doing a Santa workshop, a day for those of you who are lowbie rpers and need some new clothes for that rp you have in your head to come and exchange ideas and crafts. Maybe the Sunday before Christmas?

Post in here if you want to help. Would be nice to have a maxed leathercrafter or blacksmith to be on hand to make it fun and helpful.
What an excellent idea. I mean it, this sounds cool.
--raises hand--

Is this going to be like a guild, like an actual guild of tradesmen... cause that would be pretty cool.
Bumping this thread up after a rather sour individual who shall not be named decided it's a brilliant idea to remove auctions at a fair price, then immediately repost them at a 210% price increase because someone else thinks the item is that expensive.

No, +15 Agility is not worth 2k gold.

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