Ele PvP Questions

So I just hit 90 finally on this toon and wondering some things about Elemental. A lot actually. From talent choices to reforges. Really just looking for all the help I can get. I made up a set with an alt of the full 8/8 Blue stuff PvP set Mail. I'm going to be getting the pieces BGing and what have you.

Just tips anything is much appreciated except for reroll resto or another class. Resto is OS ^.^
Well hate to be the Troll that says it but if your looking to pvp with your shaman get ready for a tushy whoopin.

Because of recent nerfs to the shaman class because of resto well we now get our butts handed to us in pvp.

So my advice is Roll Resto try another class or just wait and see what happens.
Get as much haste as possible so you can try to get a cast off before you die.
Ele won't work in arena, especially if you plan on going higher than 100 in ratings. You'll probably win 1 game out of 20. Good luck D:
12/03/2012 07:58 PMPosted by Aosda
You'll probably win 1 game out of 20.

elemental isnt.... THAT.... bad..

its pretty bad though, and you are in for a rough few weeks.
as a shaman player to another i advise you to tell yourself before you log on your shaman to pvp with as ele or enh, "yay another day of f*** my life". On a serious note, stack haste xD, reforge crit= haste after hitting hit cap. Talent choice depends on your rbg comp, arena comp, 1v1, 3v3, 5v5? Level 45 tier talent which is by far the best is Totemic Restoration and tier 75 is healing stream totem in most situations

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