really unfair

Krasarang wilds dailys is so unfair that its just a slap in the face. as a horde u cant fly into there base without getting knocked off ur mount and getting ganked by ahundred mobs, but in our base u can even hoover over our base and the bombs thrown at u dont do any damge. Like really are the people at blizzard even trying anymore. or did they make enough money off of this to just ride it until its unplayable and waste everyones time invested into there toon.

if u want to fix this game dont just look into complaints look at people handling the game and replace them with people who will actually focus on game problems.
As much as this isn't a very well-started thread, I want to see if anyone else has notice this imbalance. You can't even fly low to the ground in the Alliance base without getting knocked off your mount, and there really are like a 100 mobs around the place. Yet, in the Horde base, you can just stroll right in on your flying mount with not a care in the world(and is therefor more camped/full of alliance).
In my retaliation of this imbalance I've been forcing the alliance pvp flags and have at least a few alliance crying when I show up.

It's true though, as horde you can't fly 10 ft into the alliance base without getting dismounted and swarmed by npcs. At least 40 npcs in the area in which dalan spawns. As for the horde base we got maybe 10 mobs where the equivalent mob to dalan spawns and alliance can fly in and hover till he spawns. That's not really fair. I vote for them being tossed from their mounts as well so I can wait for them on the ground. That or I'm farming up a turtle shell and dismountin gthem all myself.
so on further inspection I just realized we don't even have a force of windriders at our base. We have anti air turrets, and I just watched as 2 turrets targeted a shaman that was hovering in the base and she got hit at least 10 times between the 2 turrets and never got dismounted. Blizz fix this, PLEASE. I wanna kill those alliance baddies in my base and all they have to do is hover out of range of me.
Yes I noticed this the very first day, and was thinking the same exact thing. Its blatant obvious how unbalanced both areas are in comparison to each other. Their area has hundreds of mobs with a decent amount of health. Looking at mobs in our area how much health did they have? I am pretty sure its quite low. Also as already mentioned being dismounted by the mobs really sucks. Maybe the people who made these quests just hates horde.
12/02/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Memnon
It's true though, as horde you can't fly 10 ft into the alliance base without getting dismounted and swarmed by npcs.

I rarely pull more than one or two NPCs when I get dismounted. It's annoying, but it's never gotten me killed.
It's a bug. The first day of dailies the cannons were dismounting me left and right. I noticed the next day that they weren't doing anything.

Not working as intended.
Kinda like how the Baradin Guards for Alliance let horde stroll in. So unfair. It will be fixed, but hopefully it takes as long to fix as did baradin guards.

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