7 inch tablet or e-ink display?

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I'm buying a new e-reader and can't decide if I should just skip the e-ink. The i-pad is a pain to read a novel on and I'm curious if the small tablets are a little more comfortable.
If you're just planning to read on it, I would highly recommend an E-ink device. The smaller tablets are a bit more comfortable to hold for long period, but the display is far inferior to an E-ink screen. I bought a Kindle last year after resisting due to misguided paper book loyalty, and it's easily the best entertainment-related purchase I've ever made.
I had the same loyalty to paper books as well, so that's definitely what I'm leaning towards for reading. But I'm also looking to maybe replace my iPad with the mini and kind of want to kill two birds with one stone. It would be nice to have one device for everything.

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