I think it is about time that Blizzard should bring back weaponsmith. Seeing many professionals can craft weapon (BOA, BOE) make me feel a bit sad. It would be nice if we have weaponsmith who is the only one that can craft all kind of weapon in WOW.
Even if they did bring back weaponsmiths and other profession specializations, enchanters would still make wands, scribes would still make staves, engineers would still make guns (and bows imo).
Even if they did, I doubt they'd let you craft anything actually good with it (aka: epic/raid-level). Statistically a weapon upgrade is too significant compared to other pieces of gear to allow them to be easily crafted.

I could see 476s that took a BoP material limited by daily cooldowns like they did with inscription trinkets, that'd cap you at crafting one weapon every 5-10 days depending on the type, but that's all I'd expect.

It'd just be more crafted gear that fell into the category of being too weak and too expensive to be worth it. And if they added powerful BoP items it'd make the profession too overpowered for particular classes.
My thinking if they brought back specializations would be to allow the crafter to make anything, regardless of spec. You would however have a new character specific title and be able to link in trade chat as your specialization.

The real game change would to the chance at proccing rare items and possibly even epic items (they are specialists in their fields after all). So armorsmiths would have a chance when crafting plate of getting the 415 gear, weaponsmiths wouldn't but they could possible make a 476 epic weapon. Tribal LW would get the bonus on leather items while dragonscale LW would get it on mail gear.

Tailors would be a little tricker, but perhaps there could be a spellcloth specialization for armor and a bag specialization that reduces the cost of Royal Satchels by 2 cloth (20%)
Or, as a variation on the new upgradeable gear idea, weapon/armorsmithing could be an alternate method of upgrading existing gear. Specializations wouldn't make gear, they'd just make gear better. And they could always make some items non-upgradeable.
I think there are too many different kinds of weapons for it to work lore-wise. I can't see the same profession producing both axes and wands.
I think they should as well. Maybe do something cool or cooler like in BC. One can dream.
If nothing else, they need to bring back the patterns for transmog...assuming you have the profession to create the item (perk for leveling an armor crafting profession rather the jewelcrafting or inscription).
i wish they would bring back the weapon trainers as it was and could be a good thing for making a profession
and to reward the blacksmith's like it was before

please Blizz bring them back
Yes. Yes. Yes. Bring back BS specializaitons!

That was one of several suggestions I made in this thread (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7004697825) offering suggestions for how BS could be improved.

There's so much potential in professions that is not being realized right now.
I would love them to bring it back so I can make the Lionheart Executioner on my BS... I never trained it :(

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