Right click releasing randomly

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Ever since patch 5.1 my right click (when held down) seems to be releasing and showing the cursor.

I'm not sure if it's because of the patch, or my mouse is glitching out, or something with my computer. Every other game seems to be fine, the click itself works every time in game, and outside of game. It just randomly releases in game, thus making pvp and moving around while attacking very hard. Been too many times where I go to spin around and disengage only for the mouse to release and to fly the wrong way.

Wondering if anyone else has had these issue?
Did you enable hardware cursor and the reduce input lag options in the interface options? If so does it resolve the issue when you disable them?

I am curious because I am seeing a lot of people having issues with the mouse including myself having an issue where frequently when I try to pan my camera with my right mouse button is does not register the click therefore frequently am unable to pan my view which severely impacts game play. (I pvp a lot too)

And I was also wondering what video card do you have? Thanks.

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