challenge modes


Rogue lf challenge modes as the title says:

need 4 other players of interests in starting them for gold runs.

find me in game (zul'jin).

Have the consumables for it, as well as the proper knowledge.

Have well over a few hours to accomplish each and get a good timed run (note: repeating till gold is acquired)

depending who's on and what comp i can coordinate

Monday: from 9am-2pm CTS

Tuesday: noon till 6pm (or later) CST

Wednesday: 9am-6pm CTS

Thursday: noon till 6pm (or later) CST

Friday: all day

Saturday/Sunday: All day

pm, roster filling up cross realm gold challenge runs, running this weekend
What do you need still
if you need dps message me in-game the time and which day this weekend.
need all, due to the fact i'm not factoring in who will be on and when, so add my ID as stated at the top of the page

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