The Empire Reacts [PvP Policy in Krasarang]

(( Hello everyone. The following is an RP background to the Empire's policy in the PvP zone introduced in 5.1. Each officer was asked to contribute and I've noted their perspectives accordingly. Following the RP, we've noted our policy in OOC terms. This post will be available on the Realm Forums, the Ravenholdt Sanctum, and the Twilight Empire public forums. The OOC guidelines were also incorporated into our FAQ. Thank you. ))

The Senate Chambers were silent as the Senators and leaders of the Empire processed the information contained in most recent missive they had received. The news from Pandaria was dire, with Garrosh leading the Horde on an offensive designed to wrest control of the land. Even some of the Horde balked at the rampant conquest of the land. The news was not exactly new, but the definitive words of the missive made one thing clear: The Empire had a decision to make.

Aerana stood in her simple white robes and surveyed the room, her expression unreadable. Her sapphire eyes slowly fell upon each Senator in turn as they finished reading the copies of the missives. Finally, she spoke, her voice quiet yet firm.

"We are tasked to lead the Empire, to guide it ever in the light of its vision. It is our hand that shows the way, it is our eyes that see the path. Our task is not easy, for our vision stands alone in this darkening world. These times of trials and tragedies test us and force us to hold strong to our beliefs. Yet we must nevertheless reconcile the realities of our world with the ideology of peace. If we are to ensure the survival of our vision, we must first ensure our own survival." Here, she paused and allowed the room to once more fall into silence before she continued. "I would hear your thoughts on the matter so that the Senate might do its duty and advise the Empire on this as soon as possible."

With that, Aerana seated herself and folded her hands in her lap. She waited patiently for the Senators to give voice to their thoughts so that the Empire might move forward.


Tinox stayed seated as he answered.

"What Garrosh is doing is despicable. Like most of what he does, now that I think of it. However... I think that while Garrosh's devastation of Pandaria's shore shouldn't be allowed to continue, the Empire's forces would be put to better use protecting Pandaren and Jinyu settlements from stray fighting and possible Horde incursions further inland."

"Meanwhile, I would have the military determine what motives, if any, Garrosh has beyond his usual dreams of conquest. Although we know him to be almost completely blinded by his ambitions and his rage, he's proven himself capable of surprising cunning in the past. Avoiding the warfront, at least for the time being, will give us time to uncover what traps, if any, lie in wait for us in the wilds."

The Gnome crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.


Donnelly flexes with fingers with a grimace before standing to speak.

"I believe I am the only one of this distinguished body to have faced Hellscream's father. If the son is even a quarter as bloodthirsty as Grom then there is not much that we can do but add our strength to the Alliance. I can promise you that if Garrosh is victorious, then it will not be long before he will move to aggressively strike at the heart of the Alliance."

Donnelly picks up a glass of wine, takes a sip, and continues.

"Now I do not suggest we turn our back on the Vision. We need to make it clear that, should we vote to assist the Alliance, we are simply working to stop Garrosh in this attempt. Otherwise we could undo everything we have worked toward."

Taking another sip of wine, the aged man sits down in his chair and smiles thinly.

Pralea stood behind her own seat in favor of sitting, arms cross and eyes narrowed in thought.

"At least it won't be hard to discern if we do get knee deep in that mess. Anyone who's there knows what they're getting into. I saw the coast on a flyover, there's no question of what's going on. What we'll need to keep an eye out for is anyone who might take liberties with that. It's easy enough to say something happened outside the battlefield proper in an 'accident' or 'pursuit'."

She began to rhythmically tap one plated finger on her arm, taking a breath and offering a light shrug.

"Not saying things like that don't happen, just we need to make sure it stays on the war front if we get involved. Getting carried away in a mess like that can be easy, and the blood of someone going about their business on our blades would do neither the empire nor the war effort any favors."


Reesee sat kneeling in her seat, with her palms on the table to balance herself as she kept the chair rocking back and forth on two legs. Beside her, Mr. Chilly stood upon the table, staring intently at an incomplete map of Pandaria that lay spread open before him.

"As much as I personally don't want to get involved in this, it's not like we haven't lent our military to the Alliance before," Reesee thoughtfully and quietly explained as she glanced around the room, though her eyes kept returning to the Empress before quickly darting away again. She rested the side of her face on one shoulder and continued. "It's just that we've never really been a part of something this... big. I mean, we've helped to fight off the Horde in the past, but this is different. This is like, super serious. And it's going to get really messy, I know that mu---"

Her sentence came to an abrupt end as the chair slid out from beneath her, and the priestess came crashing to the floor with a sharp yelp and a loud thud. Blushing, she pulled herself to her feet and righted the chair before sitting down properly.


Lounging in his seat, arms crossed, Rednaxela stared thoughtfully into space as the others spoke their thoughts. His mind seemed elsewhere, as if he were daydreaming. Still, once the room had quieted, he suddenly blinked and glanced around. A look crossed his face, a mixture of sadness and resignation. After a moment's silence, he spoke.

"Somehow I knew it would come to this, sooner or later. I joined this Empire because I liked the idea of peace, of helping end this silly conflict. However, it seems war has even found its way to Pandaria." His voice was pained. Glancing down at the sword and shield sitting beside his chair, he took a deep breath and nodded. Looking up again, his eyes swept over the others in the room. "I've grown to love that land and all it represents. I'm not going to allow our conflict to destroy that. If we have to fight, so be it. Let's beat them at the shore."

Falling silent once more, he stared back out into space. Sadness and resignation gone, his face now only looked determined.

The Gnome quietly sat within the comparatively immense seat which further pronounced his diminutive height, collected demeanor to observe the discussion and gravity present largely in silence. The Minister chose to tread lightly when invited to converse alongside the Senate, that spoken of now only making such all the easier. Gloved hands folded in his lap, uncovered eye to affix attention toward the current speaker and their contributions. The topic was not beyond his musing and contemplation, but merely his usual jurisdiction to ponder at all; however, he nonetheless sharpened his mind toward what he knew and that now revealed.

"Unfortunately it would indeed appear that this may not be avoided, incidents within the relative past to indicate just what the Horde beneath Hellscream's governing will proceed to attempt after any successful conquest...The "Dominance Offensive", from what I am aware of, is a true embodiment of Garrosh's intention and desires. Something as that should not be allowed to progress. Yet, as I am informed, the conflict as of now is largely a violent stalemate..."

"I am not well versed with the precise logistics of our Militaristic capability, but perhaps a mixture of momentary avoidance and direct assisting? The Empire as a greater whole would be well suited to see to the peace and security of local friendly settlements for now, as Senator Smartgear suggested. Alongside this we may perhaps allow forays to the shore that are guided by the vision and abstain from excessive and inappropriate "contributions", to echo Senator Catori's concerns? Further involvement may be seen to once more is known or a drastic shift occurs?"

He then slowly reclined more so within his seat, polishing his monocle against the hem of robe's sleeve before returning it calmly to his visage. A swift glance to the curious mechanical companion which watched from near the base of his chair was had, attention to return to the meeting soon after.


“I’ve gathered reports from those soldiers who have experienced the fighting in Krasarang,” Katelle says quietly, eyes roving across those assembled in the room from her position in a simple wooden chair, turned around so the back could be used as an arm rest. “Their words match my own experiences, and it all matches the worst that we’ve heard from other, anecdotal reports. It’s an absolute bloodbath there. I’d expect the same from a battle in the Alterac Valley, or the Basin, or – anywhere there’s war, for that matter.” The rogue frowns slightly.

“As of right now, three soldiers have requested assignments on that front and the rest have been instructed to report en masse should they choose to venture there, or not at all - and to be damned sure they accompany any Citizens or Plebeians headed out that way. A single target, or even two, is too easy to pick off.” She smiles wryly, the quirk to her lips humorless as gloved fingers toy with a supple wire in a macabre imitation of Cat’s Cradle.

“It’s safe to assume, at this point, that any Horde who are there are throwing their weight behind Garrosh’s initiative and that they will offer no quarter to any Alliance in the area. These Horde are not the ones who will seek the path of peace; their presence is as much a harm to the Vision as those who seek to eradicate the Empire specifically. As much as I question the doings of the King, I feel that his official response to this threat – the protection of Pandaria from the Horde war machine – is one we should not hesitate to throw ourselves behind.” She purses her lips for a moment, a scowl passing over her face.

“With conditions, of course. As Pralea said, our direct involvement should stay on the war front, and extend only as far as necessity dictates. Excessive... ah, 'contributions' otherwise would sully our name and what we stand for. The rest of Pandaria, however, thus far remains untouched from the fighting in the Wilds. There’s no reason at all for us to go any further than that; not yet, and hopefully not ever.”

Aerana's attention turned to each individual in turn as they spoke. Throughout the discussion, she was careful to keep her expression impassive as she considered the merits and perils of each statement.

As General Larmont summarized her statements, Aerana finally stood to address the Senate once more.

"The Empire stands as a bastion of peace in these times of tragedy and war, yet we are all well aware that, in order to survive and further the vision, the Empire itself must be prepared to face the onslaught. We are not fearful cowards, who hide from the realities of war - instead we are discerning soldiers, who must know which battles to fight so that the larger war can be won. Few can doubt, after the tragedies and atrocities so callously inflicted, that Garrosh is not only an enemy of the Alliance, but an enemy of the Empire and the peace that we seek. So long as Garrosh stirs hatred in the hearts of Horde, to enslave them in a war machine and pit them against the lives of others, to viciously wrest the land away for his own long as Garrosh lives, the vision of the Empire is imperiled." Her gaze drew sharp at this last statement, her voice firm.

"We have often faced adversity and distrust. Now, more than ever, the Alliance might seek reason to doubt us. Such doubt would undermine the work we do for our vision and so mistrust must not be allowed to flourish. We are strong in our convictions and we are devoted to protecting our Allies. When we stand strong with them in these lands, they will know such and can longer have cause to doubt it. I agree with what has been spoken - Garrosh's incursion threatens not only the Alliance, but the very heart of our vision. The Empire must, at this time, embrace the duality we embody. We must strive for peace in all ways, even if we must wade through the tragedy of war in order to achieve it. In this instance, we cannot reach peace unless those who are consumed by hatred, who further the death of others, who seek only war, are no longer around to threaten us." Aerana looked to General Larmont and nodded once. "Inform the Military of the Senate's decision, General. You shall be tasked with organizing our military efforts there and ensuring that they remain confined to the contested area. I am sure that the Senate shall wish to be kept informed."

Aerana then shifted her attention to Minister Spellfixer and nodded, "And Minister, I would ask that the Citizen's Branch understand the grave difficulties we will face in this task. We must see to the peace and security in those places sheltered from war, so that such peace might eventually be extended to the front in Kasarang Wilds. As I have stated many times, the Citizen's Branch is the flame that the Military protects, and through your efforts, others shall know of our vision. Such is especially important in these times."

Finally, Aerana looked to the Senators. "What has been decided this day will carry the Empire along a difficult path; yet my sentiments align with yours: It must be done to ensure that our vision survives. I thank you for meeting this day. Now, let us inform the Empire of the path that we shall walk."
(( Here is Twilight Empire's stance regarding the 5.1 PvP content in the Krasarang Wilds and how they relate to our PvP policy.

The new content is the most ambitious world PvP effort attempted by Blizzard to date. Because of the apparent reasons for the Alliance and Horde presence on Pandaria, we believe it fits TE's theme to oppose Garrosh's Dominance Offensive in Pandaria through assisting Operation: Shieldwall. Therefore, TE members are free to participate in the battlefront under the following conditions:

1. The parts of Krasarang Wilds that were not affected by 5.1 changes, as well as the rest of Pandaria, still fall under the normal rules.

2. Operation: Shieldwall can now be treated like a battleground. Horde seen can safely be assumed to be hostile. Therefore, you are allowed to attack first. There are some exceptions to be covered further down.

3. If you happen upon an ongoing fight between Alliance and Horde, you can kill first and ask questions later. If it becomes apparent that there is camping or rude behaviour from the Alliance side, however, you are not to participate further.

4. You are not to attack any Horde that is blatantly not participating in any PvP or PvP-heavy activities and is otherwise harmless. For example, Horde fishing or sitting near a fire and waving at people are not to be attacked. Use your judgement.

5. The PvP and PvP-heavy activities are as follow: capturing towers, graveyards and resources, attacking Horde rare NPCs, defending Alliance rare NPCs, securing the current daily quest area. An unused daily quest area is not considered a PvP-heavy zone and you are to follow the normal rules for those areas (which are to ascertain Horde hostility before attacking. Obviously, you should still be on your guard).

6. You can participate in raid PvP groups in the area as long as you respect these rules yourself (take special note of point 3 and do not stay in a group if you believe their actions should not be associated with TE). Again, use your judgement.

The officers will be happy to answer any questions regarding this policy. ))
Gotta tell ya, that's the biggest laugh I've had in a while. If it's red, it's dead. Welcome to PvP servers.
Pretty sure they've been on THIS RP-PVP server longer than you.
I'd like to clarify that this is a copy of the post we made outlining our guidelines to our members. It's been put here so other people could be aware of them. We did this to avoid receiving nonsense reports because "everyone knows TE isn't allowed to PvP".
12/02/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Pzycho
Gotta tell ya, that's the biggest laugh I've had in a while. If it's red, it's dead. Welcome to PvP servers.

And if it's a lot of red, well then the best solution is to tank it into warlord bloodhilt.
12/02/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Oolaki
Pretty sure they've been on THIS RP-PVP server longer than you.

Will be here after peanut gallery panda is gone too, I am quite sure.
[Fantastic post!

I'd like to soon call on the Council for a meeting in the near future, as well.]
12/02/2012 09:42 PMPosted by Lokkama
Will be here after peanut gallery panda is gone too, I am quite sure.

Greetings from the Rise

Your prophecy for him may be true as we all must leave at some point.

Though some do not allow themselves to see it, the alliance weakens. The population declines.

Our chaotic band of raiders is destined to be destroyed but we carry forth, combatting the most hostile elements of the horde, until that day.
Greetings from the Rise

Your prophecy for him may be true as we all must leave at some point.

Though some do not allow themselves to see it, the alliance weakens. The population declines. Our chaotic band is destined to be destroyed but we carry forth, combatting the most hostile elements of the horde, until that day.

Your attempts at inspirational speeches are as bad as Cayreths ability to hide his presence when i'm attempting to kill rares.

P.S I died far more to cracking blow then I should have, I must now commit seppku to redeem my family, not that it'll do much being dead.

Your attempts at inspirational speeches are as bad as Cayreths ability to hide his presence when i'm attempting to kill rares.

P.S I died far more to cracking blow then I should have, I must now commit seppku to redeem my family, not that it'll do much being dead.

The advantage of rolling an undead I guess...
I mean, not to be terribly rude, from a purely respectful point of view outside the games lore the Horde isn't that aggressive. It's kinda like a bear, it might claw your face off if you get too close but otherwise it just kinda naps.

I see lots of folks basically pick up a stick, move over to the bear and start poken it in the eye. It shifts uncomfortably, gets mildly irritated, still don't get the message, then suddenly rears up and just bites off the guys face. He recoils in shock and horror, groping blindly for the wall before crawling out of the cave with half broken legs.

"Light above what happened to you John?!"
"I was just minding my own buissness in this cave and this big brown mofo just jumps me!"
"Oh Uther no, we gotta find some bandages man, gotta stop the bleeding..."
"Yeah, one thing before you do..."
"What? be quick, your bleeding out!"
"Can you find me a stick?"
12/03/2012 12:18 AMPosted by Kiraleen
Suggestion: go back to Gorefiend. The "big fish, little pond" transfers are getting old.

Chim, I don't suggest you go back to playing on some other server like Kael'thas because I don't like something you've said or dislike the way you play.

RotNM has been here for a couple of years. We're a pretty small guild -- so maybe small fishies?

Ailchú was born and raised on Ravenholdt at the start of Cataclysm.

RotNM has had friends that have joined from a number of servers (the Gorefiend group missing most of Cata and arriving to enjoy Pandaria) and include Ravenholdters. Though my 80 troll does still live under some bridge on Gorefiend!
12/02/2012 11:10 PMPosted by Darethy
Your attempts at inspirational speeches are as bad as Cayreths ability to hide his presence when i'm attempting to kill rares.

I don't think "hugging your ankles" is exactly trying to hide.... =\
Riding the DARK PHOENIX OF ANNOUNCE YOURSELF TO EVERYONE IN 100 MILES certainly isn't, only a bit less infamous then the GOLDEN DRAGON OF TARGET PRACTICE.

Yes. that must be in caps lock.

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