Stop motion after portal

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After taking a portal to Silvermoon from Shrine of Two moons, my game gets stuck on the rainbow mouse sin for a good 6-7 minutes and then goes to about 1 frame per sec and then freezes. takes about 10 minutes to get down the stairs and will only stop if I turn around so as to have the water behind me. Then it clears up. only happens in Silvermoon after a port. I am playing on a new iMac.

Any help with this would be welcome. took me about 20 minutes just to get out of the city because of this.
Known issue that Sapperwix and the QA team are currently looking into.

It's an issue with the phasing in the Silvermoon area.
Please try it again. I believe this was hotfixed late yesterday.
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Still happening Machkhan

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