Eye of the Legion, etc for sale

On Horde AH. Little XT, Eye and more TCG pets.

Made some trades so I will have more Friday.

Sand scarab too.

Willing to trade for pets I do not have or for gold.
Let me know if anyone wants to do trades.
I am at 385 pets out of 400 unique pets needed.

So yes, very interested in trades.
I am down to just a couple grells and pretty much have finished trades.

Thanks all!

Once the latest AH plays out, I am done, but it has been great.

Now to start on raids. Feel free to pst me about a grell. I have a character still parked near Landro to redeem the last of them.
Neat. The more raid pets the better.

I am still trying to debug why my lunar lantern disappeared.

Accidentally traded my personal eye, but have worked out a deal to replace it so I will once again have an eye of the legion of my own.
I accidently sold mine I was heartbroken:( what server are you on ? im on saurfang I wish to buy another or trade

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