Shaman PvP vs. Spriest PvP @90

First off let me say that I am a casual pvper that ONLY does random BGs. That doesn't mean that I don't pvp a lot, just not competitively. I LOVE pvp but Don't arena or RBG.

That out of the way, I have a question:

I started out with my shadow priest. On the way from 85 - 90 I was kicking some major butt and having a good time. I don't think I was OP, just comfortable with the class and I reached a skill level where I could do random BGs really well. When I hit 90 I was getting shut down by melee horribly. I died a lot, even with full honor gear. It was pretty bad and I stopped playing that toon for the most part.

Right now I am leveling my elemental shaman. Once again I feel as I have gotten comfortable with the class and am doing very well in random BGs for my skill level. I'm having a lot of fun. However I am worried that once again the ballgame will change at 90 and I'm going to get continuously facerolled and not have fun. I have no problem getting facerolled until I gear up, but do ele shamans get bad at lvl 90 once geared?
ummm elemental shaman are FAR inferior to spriests in EVERY way. if you cant succeed with a priest at 90 you will get destroyed as a shaman.

On a side note it could be that more "skilled" pvpers do BGs at 90 (ppl who regularly arena/RBG) just for fun in all there conquest gear.
Spriests at 90 are incredible powerful if you play correctly. They have great dmg, insane crowd control, decent self heals, shield and a vanish of sorts.

Elemental shamans have amazing damage output once geared but I think they lack a bit in survivability as compared to spriests. As far as I can tell ele shaman have some of the strongest burst dmg but lack in utility.

Thunderstorm knockback and earth grab are decent but after that you dont have much to keep people off you.

Take this advice knowing that ele is my off spec and a side project for me, i will do more with it once I fully gear enhance.
spriest can now blanket silence a shaman out fo all his totems and basically anything he can do >_> in addition to ridiculous fearing potential
It is doable. That is for sure.

I will add that you need good friends or random BG teammates. The former is easier to get for yourself as most BGs are filled with bots and green wearing turds.

You need a healer and a peeler. Then you can play well and actually hit and kill targets.

They will figure out it's you after you climb the BG ladder, and then they will hunt you relentlessly until you are just dead over and over.

I play with RL friends and this happens every night. My guys free me up I kill their squad. Then when they all rez they find me first and all just sit on my face.

But it is doable. You need to take a lot of talents that help your group and forego the usual talents that help your DPS. Playing in a team is the only way to play a shaman.

1v1 or sticking your neck out is dangerous. There is a reason you have a 45yrd range on those shocks.

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