Pet buffs

I wish Blizz would take a look at what pet supplies what buff and change some around.
5 pets give the 5% crit buff 3 out of the 10 Exotic families give that buff.

I like my Strider because it gives the crit buff plus spell power. I also like the water walking for doing certain dailies.

but I also love my Quilen (and the look) and the rez but it only a 5% crit so the Strider makes more sense.

The Devilsaurs is also a cool pet with that same buff.

Doesn't make sense to carry to 2 pets with same buff. I like that Hyena cackling howl buff and it seems to be the only pet with that buff (10% attack speed buff). Wish they would swap things around a bit.
Serpents give 10% haste as well.

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