Alt Resto Shaman LF guild

I have raid commitments on another server, but I have a 90 resto shaman here on Illidan and I'm looking for a solid group of players to play with in off time(some days/weekends). My work schedule is fairly light most of the time, so a lot of daytime/weekends I'm available to raid or run dungeons/challenge modes, etc...

My main is currently 1/6(HM) MSV, 6/6 HoF 4/4 Terrace
In recent tiers I have cleared all hard mode content since Ulduar(some pre-nerf, some post-nerf). I went full clears of all BC content, minus a KJ kill :(

I'll be more than happy to share my in game information with any individual who may be interested in taking me aboard! Thanks for your time :)
baaarump :P
Hey my guild needs a reliable resto shaman that works well with others and can perform at a high level. Currently we are 12/16 2 shotting empress Tuesday and ready for the springs tonight. We raid Tues,Thurs,Sun 7:30-11:30 CST.

contact me with your info. I'm at work during the day so if you want to email me your chars armory that would be great.

Thanks for the interest, but I already have raiding commitments on another server and am merely looking for a good guild of people to run with in off time on this server.

Still on the hunt!

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