Vuhdo minor problem, red box w/ water shield

UI and Macro
Hi Guys,

This is such a silly thing but it is driving me crazy on my shaman. I got Vuhdo to help out for when I heal and in general it works great. However I have this very annoying issue with water shield.

If I put water shield on myself, it puts an annoying red box on the left side of my HP bar. Cancelling the shield or even using lightning shield removes it. But since as resto I tend to need water shield, it's an issue. I tried going through all sorts of options to find out how to disable this, but I was very confused by the UI.

Turning off the buff monitor seems to not do anything for this. I have a screenshot showing the HP bar. I'm sure I missed something obvious here, but how can I turn this off?

Options-Panels-Hots, then find the hot slot where you have set to show water shield and set it to none/off.
Thank you! I would have never found that otherwise. That fixed my problem.

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