X-Mog polearm ideas Help!

Hello, I am currently using the full shadowcraft armor set from the darkmoon faire with Cursed Vision of sargeras on my helm. I'm also using [item="Lantresor's Warblade" /] at weapon but i feel like there could be something better. I'm looking for ideas for a better fit, maybe black. No trolls plz.

Shadowstrike? -- http://www.wowhead.com/item=17074
I have that, and i was thinking about it. I think it would be better if i wasn't a monk, because of the way it looks on my back.
Only black pole I can think of...

c wut i did thar?
that one http://www.wowhead.com/item=70165#.
o.0 i wanna make my monk xmog at 90 to be a shado-pan monk with black ice....or shadowstrike, whichever matched more
Best polearm in the game, imo: Lantresor's Warblade
You can try the Terokk's Quill too.
Witch-Hunter's Harvester

Trumps EVERY Polearm. I don't care what anyone says.

Soul Eater Reference and its a scythe. Nuff said.
sonic spear? from shadow labs maybe
I'm a fan of more subtle looks, and this one is one of my favorite skins of the xpack:


There are various color versions of it available as drops or quest rewards, but I think that particular one suits your needs.
When I was leveling up my Alliance monk I did the Westfall quests specifically for:

House Wrynn Halberd

I really feels there's beauty in simplicity

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