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I have a lore question. Well, maybe it's not a lore question; but it's RP related & I didn't really know where else to go. Hopefully some of you more experienced lore fanatics can explain something to me.

I rolled a happy Tauren paladin. I loved that character. At first, I struggled with the orc and goblin quests in Southern Barrens & Azshara, respectively. I didn't understand why this champion of the light, lover of nature, would be killing ancients and working toward deforestation. Eventually, though, I envisioned these quests more like byproducts of the war between Alliance and Horde. Essentially, the Horde isn't out to destroy the forest just for the sake of destroying it, it's just in the way and great cover for the night elves.

It's a question of practicality. Survival is paramount. Survival requires fighting the elves. I eagerly picked up my sword, backed by the power of sun, and championed the Horde's cause.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I found a quest in Thunder Bluff that had me report to the Forsaken's lands. As a proud member of the Horde, I eagerly went to aid my allies.

One of the earliest quests I completed there, though, was watching Lady Sylvanis raise the dead! This was mind-breaking to me. Standing there as a proud paladin, I couldn't fathom any reason I would stand for that. I understand the Forsaken can't reproduce without help from the Valkyr, but I still can't accept aiding them in their endeavors.

So, I come to you with this question: is my mental image of a paladin wrong in the WoW universe? I came from D&D where paladins were Lawful Good, meaning they follow laws and fight for the greater good. Those were the tenants of paladinhood.

I finally couldn't think up a good reason, so I rolled this character, Mercenarius. I figured a character that does what he wants for the top bidder (yes, I know that's more goblin-like behavior, but anyone can make a good mercenary) wouldn't have qualms about aiding the Forsaken.

All suggestions and explanations appreciated!
you don't have to rp what quests you do

you can be a level 90 and a proud defender of mulgore

if your backstory says you never left mulgore, than rp wise you have never left mulgore
What Dragonheals said and also keep in mind that Horde paladins are one of the only two types of "paladins" on Azeroth who don't have to believe they're doing Lawful Good to use the Light (humans, dwarves, and draenei would lose their powers if they lost faith in their actions and/or the Light).

Sunwalkers draw from the sun, An'she, as a tauren druid would draw from the moon, Mu'sha (Elune to the Kaldorei). As it happens, An'she gives off Holy energy that can be harnessed and weaponized in a similar manner to a Priestess of Elune (a night elf using Moonfire is fundamentally similar to a tauren casting Holy Shock). So while you are free to play Lawful Good, do not feel limited to it by class.

In fact, there are a great number of paladins who kept their powers and were only Lawful Good from their perspective - the Scarlet Crusade and its successor, the Scarlet Onslaught are the best examples of this.

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