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So I've been playing with a very small mouse and high sensitivity with only the three original buttons, and I figured its time to progress in my gaming a bit.

I have never bought a unique mouse like the steelseries. But I am very curious to buy one of them. Perhaps the lastest one with that charger! =D

So I am normally a tank and a ranged dps in WoW (I know healers use more mouse buttons than any other role) and need some advice from other players who have had experience with these unique mouses before. Which mouse should I get that preferably has a reasonable price? I am normally a fan of design and high sensitivity.

I would also like to know if these 'unique' mouses require specific computer system requirements in order to use it... if possible.

Thanks =D
I like the Razr ones, but I really advise putting one in your hand before purchase.

The only specific computer requirements I'd say is that you need a USB port, anything else would be standard on a computer that can play WOW.

I will say that some people are concerned with the current Razr software, but I don't know that any others are better.
Razer naga is my vote. Best mouse I've ever owned, and it completely changed my game. The Logitech g600 isn't bad either. It has a ton of things you can customize with their software, but it feels a bit too clunky/fat for my liking.
The WoW SteelSeries is a very, very good mouse. Far superior to the Naga, as far as I'm concerned. The Naga is susceptible to double click problems, and it's actually fairly wide-spread (Just Google "Razer Naga double click"). Not to mention the design of it is, as far as I'm concerned, lazy. They just throw all of the buttons on the left side. The SteelSeries has the buttons spread around the mouse in comfortable and logical places.

The only thing that could be a problem for some people is that the mouse itself is fairly large. If you've got very small hands, it might not be a great option. I like it for it's size, but I can definitely see it causing some people problems.

The SteelSeries make keybinding incredibly easy as well as its software integrates natively with the WoW client. Instead of needing to bind your new mouse buttons to keys, then bind your WoW abilities to said keys, you can bind directly to your mouse as WoW will recognize all of the buttons on your mouse directly and label them "mouse button 12," etcetera.

Go with the SteelSeries. It's a fantastic mouse.
I got the SteelSeries Cata mouse a while ago on sale, and it it awesome. Love being able to heal and eat at the same time using just the mouse.
My Razer Naga does the same thing.

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