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The Shadowguard is a player-created, non-guild RP group formed as a storyline or just an RP sanctuary for Dark RP'ers of the Alliance (Soon Horde). It was formed by Nòx originally as a cult-like RP. This storyline has an 'in-canon' and 'out-of-canon' version of itself. Players who are -extremely- bothered by player-created lore may choose to join an 'in-canon' version. Players tolerating, or RP'ing with player created lore (new abilities, foreign magic types, etc.), may embrace the original storyline, indulging themselves in the full experience of 'The Shadowguard'. This system is implemented into a belief system. Followers of the specific 'religion' have different explanations for some of the more foreign topics of 'The Shadowguard'.
IC Explanation:
The Shadowguard is the infamous order of shadowmancers and other scholars of the dark arts sworn to protect the balance between the dark and light. It is lead by a powerful 'shadowguard' known as The Darkmother. The Darkmother has many unique abilities and can use her extended dark magic to manipulate the shadows in an infinite amount of non-linear ways. The highest-ranking followers of this order are a fierce class of warrior known as 'Shadowguards'. Shadowguards are skilled shadowmancer, necromancers, and warriors under the command of a Darkmother. They have unique abilities, allowing them to empower, shield, and even hide themselves by manipulating the shadows of their surrounding environment.
Ranking (Lowest --> Highest):
Class 0:
Geists, Ghouls.
Class 1:
Novices, Shadows.
Class 2:
Disciples, Acolytes, Military Bulk.
Class 3:
Contacts, Ambassadors, Shadowmancers.
Class 4:
Shadowguards, Advisors.
Class 5:
The Darkmother.
Role Explanations:
Shadows are slain shadowmancers of The Shadowguard. Their will is their own, but they prefer to stay at the side of The Darkmother for rituals and incantations.
Novices are the newly recruited members of any type or initiate shadowmancers.
Disciples are the casual, non-combat followers of The Darkmother. When slain they become either Lesser Shadows or are risen as geists or ghouls.
Acolytes are the main followers of The Darkmother, they are the bulk of the ritualistic senses of the order, preparing most rituals and incantations. When slain acolytes become Lesser Shadows, or die permanently.
Military Bulk:
This rank includes the non-shadowmancer members of The Shadowguard. When slain it is most common that this rank is dead permanently, but very rarely they are risen as geists or ghouls.
Contacts are outside followers, usually with the purpose of contacting other orders, or just as mutual friends who help afford various supplies. Since contacts are not always considered members, their bodies are not tampered with after death, though they have The Shadowguard's protection while alive.
Like contacts, ambassadors are members of other orders sent as a manager for the affairs between The Shadowguard, and it's allies. Ambassadors contact The Darkmother directly. Their bodies are not tampered with after death.
Shadowmancers are the main followers and warriors of The Darkmother, trained in the manipulative-type shadow magic, they have the ability to mold shadows, either to benefit themselves, or strike their enemies down. Shadowmancers become Greater Shadows, or just Shadows when slain.
Advisors are The Darkmother's direct assistants, and closest friends. There are two advisors at once whos job is to help with battle plans, managment, and the internal affairs of The Shadowguard.
Shadowguards are explained above, and are the most powerful warriors of The Shadowguard.
The Darkmother:
The Darkmother is the leader of The Shadowguard, she is to command it's forces as well as train it's Shadowguards. The Darkmother is also a spiritual leader for all below her. She is The Shadowguard's direct connection with a fabled being known as The Darkness.
I often accept Real ID requests if you PM me first (somehow). To discuss anything with me, contact me through this email: Zytharis@gmail.com.

Playername: Nòx (alt + 0242).
Officer playername(s): Tharious, Vanisite (not IC).

Online: Weekends.
Recruitment: Weekends.
Events: Weekends.
Can be contacted through forums during the week.

Well, enjoy!

From today until the 9th of January- this RP is closed, though, recruiting OOC. In my absence my officers will be online every -other- week, this week included I believe. I'm going to be working a new phase and project in the storyline including going over the backstory more deeply (non-canon mostly) and hammering out any Mary Sue content that I may find, as well as plotting a new phase in the storyline. I will report -all- updates to this thread from now on, and you may contact me from -here-. I, as far as I'm concerned, will have access to this thread 24/7, including while I write. Is this settled? Good.

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