[A] IMGMR - Weekend LFM 6/6MSV 1/6 HOF

IMGMR is a new weekend raiding 10 man team lead by seasoned raid leader looking to add a few more spots to our core raiding team.

We are an adult guild 25+ and we only raid TWO days a week on weekends due to people busy with work and real life during weekdays.

We raid morning hours on weekends. Raiding times are :

- Saturday 10 a.m. (server time) EST - 1 p.m. (EST) aka server time
- Sunday 10 a.m. (server time) EST - 12 p.m. (EST) noon.

Currently we are in need of :

- Disc priest with dps offspec ilvl 475+
- One caster (mage/warlock) ilvl 475+
- One melee dps (pally/warr/rogue)

We expect from a raider to have :

- A working vent (A MUST) and an ability to listen
- Working mic to call out things when necessary
- Come to raid prepared and ready (repaired with flasks/pots to last you at least 3-4 hours of raiding day)
- Be on time (don't make 9 others wait for you)
- Consistency --- most important! If you cannot commit to Saturday/Sunday morning raids, don't bother applying. We are looking for people who'll show up and be there every weekend. We only raid total of 7 hours a week. So it's not much to ask to have consistent players. Experience in 6/6 in MSV and 3/6 in HOF is a big plus (most of us have that experience).

If interested, please contact Kalikay or MtPM for more information.
In need of

1 melee dps (rogue/warr/pally/monk) must be consistent and be able to commit to 2 days a week
1 caster dps (mage/elemental shaman) with resto os is a big plus

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