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so when are blizzard going to admit there is a problem with the fps's, and stop blaming peoples hardware, configuration and internet connections?
Every time i enter a bg i drop to 3fps, move away from shrine of the seven stars 3 fps, now would be a good time to remedy this problem.
I have been playing for seven years now on 2 accounts, and every time there is an expansion this problem arises.
Seriously I would like an answer as I am sure many others would also, the continued silence does two things it shows players that blizzard has other priorities and couldnt care less about a few disgruntled players.
I believe Bliz did openly admit they had fps issues that presented lag in certain areas when using CRZ and that they were working on it but didn't have a time frame of when it would be resolved. Probably looking at July 2013.
Lag isn't the issue, my latency is reasonable for australia at 225 its my fps that is the issue, even so july 2013 lmao already cancelled subscription may return if this ever gets resolved

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