Monk's nerf and growing pains.

I can see why monks are unhappy with the nerf to their healing. They can't Jab their way to the top of the healing meters because Jab costs an outrageous amount of mana.
Is this Blizz' way of saying 'we don't want mistweavers dpsing for heals'?
I hope not. That would imply Atonement would be receiving the nerfbat after it's recent buff. D:
I think the nerf was meant to be taken as 'we scaled your abilities too high on spell power and too low in mana cost. It isn't fair when in WoL all you see are MW with MAYBE a disc priest who abused the crap out of spirit shell in garalon or something.

Also, doesn't jab generate chi? So maybe, this nerf was meant to be, 'stahp using jab to generate chi!!! go use soothing mist on every time!"
It was more because Jab was, on average, cheaper and more reliable chi than Soothing Mists (it's still more reliable, but more expensive).
Jab was their most efficient Chi generator outside of RM. The damage it did was pretty meh.

The spell costs increases were intended to neuter their Chi gains somewhat by making their main Chi generators have a more prohibitive cost. I doubt Eminence really came into the equation.

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