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Okay so heres the deal, i play in the Philippines right now on a oceanic server on my priest which recently reached lvl 90, although everything is ok, i will move back to europe within a time short to come, will i be able to play on my priest on the oceanic server there on the same account or will i have to make new account or character?

please tell me if you know anything that could help
Hmmm what do you mean by will u be able to play?

Ofcourse you can login your account and play ur character from where ever you are living.
yes you will with mabye a slighty higher latency, use the us cleint of coase
Yeah, you can't transfer from US -> EU Servers.
Yes you will be able to play with your friends provided you install the US client, this will also mean you will NOT have access to any of the EU servers and will be doomed for eternity to paying with high ping, or as it is commonly known...become an Australian.
Oh the joy of being Australian, we love you blizzard for providing us the best support & servers to make our gameplay for from enjoyable!

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