<WMBR> 25m Tue/Thur 10PM Recruiting

Area 52
<We Might Be Raiders> is a 2-night a week 25-man raiding guild. We are a great mix of casual progression and focused raiding. If you enjoy a structured raid environment where AFK's are kept to an absolute minimum, this is the place for you.

Our guild is a great place for moms, dads, and grads to raid on a casual schedule but still manage to see what the current raids have to offer. With a great community overall, there are always members online leveling alts, knocking out achievements, or venturing into hard modes. In the near future, we will also be scheduling NON-MANDATORY alt runs that all are welcome to attend.

<WMBR>will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in a couple of months. We may not be crushing the charts or blowing through progression, but you can be assured we will be here when the dust settles and the expansion is closing.

Currently, we are 6/6 Normal MSV and 3/6 Normal HoF as a 25-man.

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday - 10PM EST to 1AM EST.

Currently Recruiting:
Death Knight - Frost
Rogue - Assassination / Combat
Warlock - Any Spec
Shaman - Elemental
Paladin - Holy / Ret or Ret / Holy
Priest - Holy/Disc

If you don't see your class/spec combination, we will gladly look over quality applicants. So don't hesitate to apply!

Please apply @ http://we-might-be-raiders.wowstead.com
Lots of melee dps gear being sharded. :(
Could use a healer.

MW Monk
Holy Paladin
Disc/Holy Priest
Bump for freaking Garalon at 3%. Need some deeps to help.
Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Garalon!
Looking for a healer and if we find an exceptional tank, one of those.
I'm very interested (Frost dk), as is my Priest (holy) friend. Can't seem to see the applications on your website...

EDIT: nvm, figgered it out. App pending.
Left hand menu -> Recruitment -> Under the portrait and name -> Apply Button (Or at bottom of page)
Yup yup - kept banging my head against the "Applications" link.

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