<Bullets and Bubblegum> RT2

<Bullets and Bubblegum> is looking for members for it's second raid team. We are seeking two dps, with a particular want for a skilled hunter, and a shaman with a healing offspec. Raid days are MTW, 8-11PM Server time. People interested in applying can do so at:
Disregard, GM Varyne Ninja disbanded and transffered realms.
That's a !@#$ty situation. I Hope you all find new homes
Sorry to hear you guys got ditched. I used to be in the guild and check in on armory from time to time, sad to see it end like that. No one deserves that kind of treatment =(

I guess Codey cared more about his own progression than the guild's.

EDIT: Okay scratch that. He moved to a guild on a different server with less progression than his own guild. That just hurts my head...
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