Herald of the Titans (Algalon 10) *11/25/12*

Aerie Peak
Have a solid grp, kept farming to around 20-30% but had a healer who kept blowing up with only BoA gear.

This is a continuation for Herald of the Titans. I have a Algalon lockout on 10 man Ulduar.

So far, it seems we only need some real good dps & 1 or 2 more real good healers!

Please be level 80, have item level gear of 210 ATLEAST or 226 max or below, (232 weapon is allowed).

This is for this upcoming Sunday at 1:00 CST. Sign up here if interested - http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/68139

Or add my Real-ID: AlexanderMcD#1338 if heavily considering yourself for this.

Please have Cata flasks, potions, enchants, gems, and plenty of food, (fortune cookies work as well). Please KNOW the encounter in & out! You can learn the encounter here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRfVDgTLMGA

Like I stated...our grp was solid but I just want more to sign up...still need more solid deeps/heals.

*NOTE* You can be level 90 but you will not obtain title nor achieve; you would only obtain Starcaller if you do not have & some loots but if you want Starcaller that bad...you must have item level gear of 226 or less in every slot + 232 weapon or below. Atleast item level gear of 200 if you are bringing a 90.
Hey, you still hosting the herald runs?

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