Selling Spectral Tiger

Hidy Ho Ravenholdt !
I am in posession of the Reins of the Spectral Tiger ! Yes this is the card game mount and No it is not the "Epic" version (which only varies in a slight skin difference, it has less armor). I am currently seeking 175k gold from either side and the current average price on US realms is 260k ! Feel free to send me an ingame mail with your offer or if you are willing to outright buy it (mail Intensive if on Alliance side please) !

I humbly ask that you do not troll my thread, altho i already know some, if not all of you will.
Thanks in advance for not trolling if you choose to take the high road !
I'll buy it. WHat's your real id or batte tag?
I have the Mount up on the Ravenholdt Horde AH for 180k, if youre interested in making a deal Mail me in game.

@Crampstyle: my full battletag is Holmes#1315

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