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As you ppl know, today is black friday. What thing(s) did you buy or plan to buy for yourselves, wife, family, friends,etc?

Me, (as I am a firearms instructor and shooting enthusiast) I recently went to Academy Sports and picked up a Heritage Rough Rider 22LR single-action revolver for $100 brand new. Im a diehard fan of old western style and military firearms so I definitely had to pick this up. :)
A local animal shelter has a BOGO sale on cats today so I plan on stopping by there later to stock up.
A bag of cough drops and a little Pinkie Pie plush while on break at work. Since I had to cut short a Turkey Day dinner so I could run a cash register beginning at 2100 hours last night.

You're welcome to be able to indulge your consumer spirits of enterprising capitalism.
Some cool stuff from
I will not physically set foot in a store.
Anyone noticed how the alleged Wal-Mart protest for Black Friday went in their area?
I saw the protests on the local news. They seemed loud, dirty, and rude. Or basically like a normal day at Walmart.
Yeah to me those protesters werent the true force behind the actual protesting.
I got a PS3 for $200 with Uncharted 1&2 and Infamous included with it. Got the 50th Anniversary of Bond for $100 and then I got about 20 Blurays ranging from $4-$13. For what I got, I feel like I made out like a bandit and 2 $10 gift cards to best buy for free.

Feel like I made out pretty well. Best part is it's all for me. I got my family members gifts a while back.
A PS3 for $200 ??! Dayum
Is it the new 'slim' one or the last model ?
11/25/2012 01:18 AMPosted by Rufyn
and today I bought War of the Roses - Deluxe Edition for $17.40. Best purchase I've made in a long time. WotR is sooooo fun.

AWESOME movie! And what an ending!

(just don't watch it on a date is my advice lol)
I'm more of a cyber monday shopper. I know my mom went xmas shopping because she's doing the "nows not the time to ask questions" spiel if I ask whats in the bags she brings home.

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