Redshift is now Recruiting

<<<Redshift>>> level 25 guild 6/6 normal MV and 2/6 HOF regular, Is a newly formed guild on the horde side of the US- Barthilas server. Since the formation of the guild Redshift has quickly progressed through current content in 2 solid 10 man groups, looking to potentially expand to 25 man raiding within the next few weeks. Redshift is currently recruiting all exceptional applicants to assist in progression and improving our current groups to allow us to raid to the best of our abilities and to allow us to be competitive along with some of the top guilds on Barthilas

Raid Times/Days: AEST
Raid Group 1
• Wednesday 7.30-11.00
• Thursday 7.30-11.00
• Monday 7.30-11.00

Raid Group 2
• Friday 9.00pm-1.00am
• Sunday 9.00pm-1.00am
• Monday 9.00pm- 1.00am

** Additional raiding days may be rostered as raiding days if required for the purposes of progression**

Currently Recruiting:
• ALL exceptional DPS, preferably range
• 1 Tank (preferably not a Druid)
• Exceptional shaman or Monk healer
• All exceptional applicants will be considered
*Please enquire to determine which raid team requires which specific class/spec

What we expect from our raiders:
At least a 90% attendance, 100% is preferable
Have exceptional knowledge of their spec and class
Be punctual; be online at least 10 minutes before raid invites
Be organized, ensure gems/enchants/reforging is all up to date before the raid commences
Positive raid attitude

What the guild will supply you:
Vent and limited access to 6 bank tabs of raid items including enchant mats/glyphs
ALL required food buffs
Guild Repairs for raid nights
A strong leadership group ready to answer any questions or queries

For more information please feel free to visit the guild website OR Post any queries bellow this forum thread, we will aim to answer all questions within 24 hours, Otherwise
Feel free to speak to any of our officers (Kdm/Azsun/Jazzalak/Etathh/Melondrop) In game for more information or questions regarding raid spots.
good luck and dont buy cheezles food from the AH. pst me for flask sales ;)

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