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12/03/2012 11:53 PMPosted by Slabwarmer
Banks don't get hacked by the chinese, why is that? a little effort with security i suppose

Banks don't get hacked because they aren't being logged into by 10 million people. They have secure systems that are completely firewalled to the outside world. For Blizz to do this they would have to stop all incoming connections unless they were verified employees who they trust not to hack them. Background checks would have to be carried out on all employees, and they would have the threat of life in prison hanging over them should they choose to hack it.

So if you want there to be less of a bot problem, we would just have to have background checks on all players before allowing them to play, and then change some of the laws of the world which would make hacking WoW a felony with heavy prison time as the penalty. I'm sure that can happen... right?
Botting has ruined random pvp. Bots are in most every game sometimes outnumbering the actual players.
Losing game after game by scores 1600 -100 as the bots don't do basic pvp. They don't protect the flag carrier they don't go after the enemy flag carrier, they don't protect nodes, they don't escort mine carts, they don't respond to incoming calls all they do is run around dueling and dying.

Blizzard can't fix the botting problem. They will continue to do what they can but it hasn't helped at all.

Blizzard and the mvp wannabe's will continue to take pride in fighting the good fight but the battle is over the bots won.

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