LFM rbgs (the topic you are looking for)

Here is the deal im a 2300 exp rbgs player and i got several alts on 1900-2000+ and my main on 2.1k-2.2kCR

Leave your CR class and battletag:

-Class & spec

ill run spanish and english RBGS aswell for all the language is not the barrier unless u dont speak english or spanish.

i hope i get lots of battletag so i can make my real id a open tradechat for rbgs cya later.
2200+ hunter and rshaman, we are horde though idk if you have horde and alliance toons. We expect a 1900+ cr group pushing at least 2100+. Clos#1717 is battletag
i just run ally's atm but i will get my pally trasnfer to horde. soon
1800 + CR Frost Mage - chill#1306
1722cr - Frost Mage - Btag: Insanity#1510

will have only 5 items this week, but i have both upgrades on my CP dagger.
CR 1650, Osloki#1159

Been leaving CPs on the table due to not being able to get into RBGs :-(

I can still get 2100 this week.
BEST way to contact you: Rizik#1226

Character you are going to play on: Tyë

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: Paladin, Ret/Prot

Resil: 58.31%

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k+ Arena

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: all but tues/thur

Other info (optional):
US Army, Good at taking orders, sound logic and judgement, good tactics.
Playing Enh Shaman, Disc Priest, and Holy Paladin all over 2k.
192 CR ( My server is rather....terrible)

1700 rbg xp, even though I know I can get higher.
2300 arena xp.
1749 cr Mage Frost/Fire leaders Choice Great vocal Communication Calls out CC's Inc's all the usual things 43.95% PVP Power atm And 57.90 Resil have skype/vent and am 1900 xp with 2k arena current MMR is about 1800 h3llrazer#1952 is my Btag
2200 MMR / 1839 CR Hunter LF RBGs any time.

Battletag: Precizion#1293
192 cr
1800 rbg exp
2000 arena exp

2044 CR Hpally, I was 2090 but I helped a friend cap and bombed it :/. I got to 2180 last season, and trying to find a solid group that runs fairly often to push 2.2k

Battletag: Fractured#1397
768 cr
1900 rbg xp
2100 arena xp
English speaking
Shadow Priest
Cr 1801
Resil 60.74
Resto druid
1800 cr
monk / mistweaver
1562 CR Ret
Battletag: ArtWOW#1505
i have add a lot of u guys heres my battletag:


BTW bump!
Just got back from a almost 2 year absence

1550 RBG raiting Currently was getting higher but guild disbaned.

2100 Arena exp

Battletag: Isoldmylungs#1569

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