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Resto Druid - 1980cr, 2.1k rbg exp, 2.2k 3v3 exp

Looking for core group

Holy pally here, I've played to 2200 rating many seasons in 3s, 2200 rating in season 10 for rbgs and 2k in 2s in multiple seasons. My palidan's name is charisma from ursin, my play time is 7 pm central to 1-2 am non-fri. battle tag is charisma#1987.
bump i really need good mages and demon warlocks for my main rbgs 2.2+ and for the alts run that is 2k+ need shaman elemental and spriest.


make sure u tag your cr and experience so i can add u with a set note
Holy pally 1890CR
2900+ rbg exp(no bs)
BT: Somejerk#1734
Ill stick with it if the group is solid im not aiming for the fences anymore so 2.2k-2.4k eventually would be fine with me if I feel the group is capable of getting there.
Arms War or Mage 1200CR

1800+ Experience

BT: Vrixus#1632
BEST way to contact me: Valkyrieslol#1666

Character you are going to play on:Valkx

Race: Bloodelf

Class/spec: Holy paladin

Resil: 7054/60.44%

Experience (Arena or RBG):2287Exp RBG

Current RBG Rating:2010

Time/Day available:Anytime

Other info (optional):looking hit 2.2k
2327 cr

on early day and late night.
also have a few 2100-2200+ FCs, healers and mages at my disposal that are either in guild or other friends. if needed.
Put [A] in the title.
2k + exp in RBGs and Arenas have a 90 ally rogue and a horde fkd, looking for a consistent team to push 2.2k and beyond. B-tag Revy#1103
I have both a Rogue/Frost dk that I'd be willing to do rbgs on.

Around 1700 or 1800 cr, mainly because my server lacks the ability to rbgs whatsoever

I have around 58% resil with 54% pvp power on both

-CR: 1618
-Class & spec: Warrior/Arms
-Battletag: Darcy#1693
-Arms Warrior (can also tank)
New character full dreadful with 2 pieces of malev. CR was on 1700+ on my paladin.

looking for serious RBG's

No rating currently,

1900 arena exp

battletag: jr1#1860
- 1851 CR

- Frost Dk (Target Caller)

2.2k exp in arena
1780cr in rbgs
LF core rbg team that is consistent and well managed.

1760cr in rbgs
Lf core group to push to 2,2k tired of going into pugs

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