Best warlock leveling spec?

I dont know which of the three specs is best.. :/
According to the thread that I made and the research I've done that I should have done from the get go Affliction is on top followed by Demon then Destro. I see alot of destro locks. It's all about what you enjoy. I'm going affliction. If I don't like it I'll change to Demon. :D
11/24/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Luciardra
I dont know which of the three specs is best.. :/

Leveling: Demo w/ void walker as tank.

DPS (dungeons and things): Aff if you have the gear for it.

BG: Destro.

Arena: Demo.
i had a lot of fun going 85-90 as destro with void tanking

bgs are fun in destro.

haven't tried arena yet.. still 89 :D
I dont know which of the three specs is best.. :/

Leveling: Demo w/ void walker as tank. --Destro is also nice if you prefer to kill things one at a time.

DPS (dungeons and things): Demo/destro. Aff dots don't really help you unless you blanket the whole group of mobs with dots.

BG: Definitely Demo. Destro has too many hard casts.

Arena: Demo.
All 3 specs are viable in all facets of the game. If you're leveling, just try them all and stick with what you like.

This simply isn't true. Affliction is not at all viable for leveling dungeons. Things die way too fast.

Stop trying to be diplomatic and just answer the guy's question properly.
I just leveled this lock destro and it's been the most fun I've had playing WoW
Demo for everything is a blast
Demo is pretty great for leveling and doing stuff like dailies, etc. Destro isn't bad either.
I've been leveling this lock like crazy for the last few weeks and did Demo 10-79 and Affliction since 79 (which is when you get Soul Swap) and is incredibly fun (and fast). Prior to 79, I would definitely advise against Affliction and just go with Demo or Destro. If you're doing dungeons, I would definitely suggest Demo because stuff will die way too fast for Affliction (at least until MOP dungeons) to do much damage. I only switched to Affliction at 79 because I love dots and plan to main spec Aff so I needed to get familiar with the spec, otherwise you can just stay Demo 10-90 for questing and dungeons.

When questing as demo: Always use the void demon. Pull several mobs with corruption and once all the mobs you've pulled run in and are grouped together, use Hand of Gul'Dan and start looking for the next group of mobs to pull.
I've had an amazing time as Demonology with Glyph of Demon Hunting. Use Felguard (make sure Threatening Presence is off auto-cast) and keep threat on everything yourself. You still do quite a bit of damage and you can keep up Aura of Enfeeblement and Fury Ward to take minimal damage. Combined with Glyph of Soul Consumption (which works with Dark Apotheosis), there is no down time.

AoE pulls are glorious with Felguard.

I obviously don't do any instances though.
I like destro best for leveling, quick burst and never oom. can't handle the bigger pulls that demo can, but hey I still found myself surviving. Never tried aff, got burned on it during wrath and just can't do it anymore. That being said, I find demo to be the better choice for dungeons.
Demonology + Glyph of Demon Hunting = The most fun I've ever had leveling any character in WoW.

I feel like I can take a hit like a tank but pump out unbelievable amounts of damage.

I can switch from ranged to melee at the click of a button and vice versa.

Plus, being able to save the day when the tank dies in dungeon runs is always a great feeling.
Destruction is the best levelling spec, this is pretty much a fact.

It's not a fact at all, given that the best way to level from 15-55 is by doing dungeons, and the best spec for that is demo by far. Destro is great against single target quest mobs that get 2 shotted by Chaos Bolt/Shadowburn but it doesn't have the ability to handle big pulls like demo, and has a hard time even with the random AOE quests like the ones that spawn 12 ants or baby silkworm or whatever.

Demo handles all of that with ease, and isn't much slower than destro on single targets either.

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