R Shaman Herald of The Titans RDY

Looking for raid group that has all 80's and under 226 Item level to achieve the title, "Herald Of The Titans" . Fully geared on my end, extensive knowledge on the fight. Reply here if you are interested in forming a group for the kill or need a healer for to fill in a spot. Thanks
I keep trying to get a group for my horde pally :/ (Whoneedsone@alexstrasza) he is a tank with enough gear for it, just all the groups keep flaking. Btw change out that cloak bro.
Hey problim, I'll keep your paladin in mind. My guild has some folks ready but it's taking awhile to fill in the spots. Also with my cloak I'm just using it for fun. I have a 226 cloak.
So, now I'm really interested in getting this title, how do you guys gear up? I pretend to do it as a Hunter or Warrior, am I going to have any problem finding groups with those classes?
and sorry about the off-topic.

Just start doing heroics at level 80 and get that gear and if you could run raids under Item level of 226, that would be a start.

Staff member runs Herald every week.
Thanks dazq, I'll give it a shot.
yea! I run "herald of the titans" every Sunday at 8pm EST, if you can't make mine, def check out the other herald runs on the site.

I spoke to you earlier in game, so look forward to seeing you sign up.
I have a horde rogue ready for this. I'll keep checking back in this thread so hopefully something gets going!

Also highly interested in this. Gearing up now. Heals.
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I'm 80 and almost in BIS gear for herald, I can do it now, but my char isnt perfected.
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