Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Just finished editing the recruitment thread. It now provides more information about our guild and what we expect from you as a raider.
We're still looking for a number of members.
I have further revamped the thread. It's looking fairly decent now.
Raid times have been changed to 8:00pm-11:00pm to suit both member and recruiting needs. We will now raid 9 hours a week instead of 7.5 hours per week.
We're still in search of all roles however we do not have openings for a Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman or DK DPS.
We still have spots to be filled on our roster.
I've finished further tweaking our recruitment thread. There is now an ideal and alternative recruitment needs section.
We are still in search of the positions listed above. Also, the guild website has undergone 'renovations' and now is much easier to use for players who are interested in joining our guild, as well as much more slick and stylish.
We have a number of spots still open and searching.
We're still looking for the classes listed above.
so basically...... u need a whole team?

lol gl
so basically...... u need a whole team?

lol gl

All guilds start (or restart in our case) somewhere. When we took a break towards the end of Cata two officers stopped raiding or stopped playing the game and a number of members moved on to other guilds as we had no definitive plans to start up again, however it was a consideration.
We're still looking for the classes listed above. The website has undergone more slight changes to improve your experience while using it.
Fragmenta has had a strange turn of events, we are now located in Blackrock as a raiding division of the guild PRIDE. I will update you as to what classes we need soon. Please apply if you're interested.
Hey Guyz Ive Sent an App on ur Website Hope to Hear from u guys very soon :))
Still looking for more members. Also, it appears you removed your application right after submitting it Venomouus.
0 Achievement Points I have supposedly? That's odd.

We're still looking for the classes listed about.
We are now looking for only three raiders to fill our core team.
Need one resto shammy and a rogue or enhance shammy

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