I need one ilvl for lfr.. Help me

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I need one item level to do lfr before the reset. Does anyone have any clue as to what i can get. I already spent my valor and conq points. Gold is a problem because i just spent most of it on a mount and darkmoon fair deck.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I updated my armory to weed out any further confusion.
Best I can see that you can do without gold or points is to run heroics to find replacements for your helm/trinket for the ilvl.
upgrade your ghost iron dragonling to a 463 trinket
cap your conquest points, buy an epic

pvp gear are no longer penalized either. The conquest gear are pretty damn good for raiding, better than LFR for sure and often also rep gear too
as soon as i got my pvp weapon, i was able to jump in one.
get a pvp trink on the cheap
11/26/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Ukali
cap your conquest points, buy an epic

11/26/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Queuequeue
I already spent my valor and conq points.

Reading comprehension. What is this?
OP, your head piece looks to be the low Item Level culprit.

Also, please consider looking into Meta gems for its replacement have said slot upon it. They're amazingly useful depending on your needs and the one you end up choosing.
cap your conquest points, buy an epic

I already spent my valor and conq points.

Reading comprehension. What is this?

too lazy to read, I just looked at his armory and saw no conquest gear.

and no valor at that too
I already bought the pvp trinket to get it to 469.
OP, your head gear is different from before.

Did that help you out? Plus, nice on the meta, that should help as well.
make sure u have the pvp items equiped or it STILL wont allow u to que (It looks at equiped ilevel, not in-bag ilevel) and 2nd, aside from getting Valor/BoE epics/worldboss drops/LOW chance dungeon epics, ur pretty much stuck .

Oh, just looked again, Get rid of ur Ghostiron Dragonling trinket. that will push u to 470 i bet.
Thats' what happens when I go away for a week.

Did I miss something? Did the Ilvl for LFR get increased? Thought it was 460?
don't bother replacing your ghost iron dragonling. just have IN YOUR BAGS, ANY 463 TRINKET YOU CAN WIN, NO MATTER WHAT SPEC ITS ACTUALLY USEFUL FOR. LFR ilvl cares what you CAN equip, not what you SHOULD equip.


pps. for expansions past, trinket itemlevel does not always correspond with trinket usefulness. ie a ilvl 200 darkmoon card was BiS for retadins until they could get 277 25h professor putricide trinketys. the ghost iron dragonling is quite a bit of secondary stats for its 450 item level.
From Wowhead

Quick Facts
Level: 90
Required levels: 90, 90
Required item level: 460, 460
Territory: Contested
Instance type: Raid
Heroic mode available
Number of players: 10/25 "

What LFR are you talking about?
11/26/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Mattrose
What LFR are you talking about?

The OP is probably talking about LFR HOF which requires you to have an item level of 470 before you can queue. LFR Terrace also requires an item level of 470 along with completion of HOF.

@ OP - The only thing I can think of is that you could possibly purchase a BoE 476 ring or level your Engineering up and get the goggles. You said that gold is an issue though so that wouldn't help much.
There are a few 476 pieces that drop in Heroics (the low drop-rate items) but that'd require a bit of RNG.
he's talking about the HoF lfr, as you need 470 to ilevel to queue up for those.
Got it...sorry and thanks for clarifying.

Looks like you have some good suggestions. Shout out too to all the folks that say the dailies are not necessary. Wouldn't a 489 helm resolve the OP's issue?
If you were exalted with Golden Lotus or Klaxxi there are a couple upgrades for you. There's a couple tailored items too, but you're short on gold so... Headmaster's Will?

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