Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane

Need to seriously up the droprate on the Crownfeathers. The Cranes on Narsong Spires have a slow spawnrate and I killed 18 of them until I got the Pristine one.

Feels too much like a Vanilla quest.
Came in here to add to that. I'm on somewhere between 20 - 30 kills per drop of 1. It needs 5. That's... not great.
I ended up selling back the item and trying the other quests, the drop rate on both was abysmal. Ending up just dropping them and will try back later.

As a side note, I think somebody who designs the quests does not understand sarcasm, and truly thought that people were saying Fatty Goat Steaks was an awesome quest.
Also, FYI, these do not appear to give Shieldwall rep -- just normal dailies?
46 kills to get my 5 feathers, others were claiming upwards of 50 or so. Shouldn't take 30 minutes to do one quest.
11/27/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Testern
As a side note, I think somebody who designs the quests does not understand sarcasm, and truly thought that people were saying Fatty Goat Steaks was an awesome quest.

I did make a Fatty Goatsteak 2: The Goatsteakener joke in guild chat about it...
Drop rate needs to be increased for this quest. After killing 23 cranes around the Temple of Chi-Ji and not getting a single Pristine Feather, I went back to the npc and returned the Snare for a refund.

Fatty Goatsteaks is a faster quest and that isn't a good thing.
I'll wait the 2-3 months to get exalted just doing the basic 4-5 dailies before i ever buy one of the dailies again, that was awful. I'm on a small server, and it still took me the better part of an hour to finish that one quest. I'm curious how it made it through PTR where I'm betting there was a lot more people when this first went live, did no one say anything? Do the devs not test these themselves? Not bashing, it's a mistake, it can be adjusted, I'm just curious who thought a less than 7-10% drop rate on new content dailies was a good idea.
The droprate for this quest is terrible. I've killed at least 15 of the Children of Chi-ji and not a single feather has dropped. I have to think this is a bug because there's no way such a low drop rate for quest items should be intentional. It makes the Fatty Goatsteaks daily look like a breeze in comparison.
killed 71 , for all 6.
Oh, and don't forget the AMAZING way that sometimes they just go into Evade Bug mode.

That makes it so much more fun, in the same way a colonoscopy or a brick to the forehead is fun!
Some people were able to pick up the feathers off the ground which would make this so much easier. Unfortunately I was not one of them.
After 1 out of every three of the birds kept going into Evade mode after I'd gotten them 2/3 dead I decided this quest wasn't worth it. It's enough that I'm going on a crane mass murder spree and getting no feathers but when 1/3 of them bug out on top of it all, it makes me want to throw my laptop at the wall. Isn't this supposed to be a game? And aren't games supposed to be fun? So frustrating... =/
I have a feeling these will get hotfixed in the next couple weeks. Not worth it at the moment yeah.
I spent an hour on this just for two feathers before I stopped and checked the forums to see if anyone else was having the same issues with the droprate and the evade-bugged cranes. So after having my "well isn't it bloody keen to feel validated!" moment, I hopped back over to the game to leave some constructive feedback on the quest with the nifty little suggestion tool.

As I was typing, dailies rolled over. I received a notification that "The quest Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane has been removed from your quest log." The quest item disappeared from my bag, as did my two painstakingly won feathers. So after all the hours I spent doing my other faction rep dailies, and then an additional hour spent trying to grind this one...the daily won't even roll over to let me finish and turn it in the next day, making that hour a complete waste. It also means the currency I spent to purchase it was entirely wasted.

I don't know who thought this quest was a good idea, but I'm fairly sure my neighbors would disagree after a 5am serenade comprised mostly of the word "!@#$."

I don't think I'll be bothering with this quest again.
This quest is such torture, it violates the Geneva Conventions. I've lost count of how many cranes I've killed, for ONE FEATHER.
All 3 of the quests givin from these items have extremely low drop rates. I did the tiger trap quest yesterday and it took me forever to get all 25 of the yak's fur, thinking there would be some sort of awesome reward in the end.

Turns out, after you get all the mats, turn in the quest. The NPC just lets you spawn an elite tiger/crane/crab to fight (around 6 mil hp) which you need to be in a group to complete. Me and a resto druid managed to get down the tiger after about 5 mins of fighting.

Then after you kill the elite mob, the NPC gives you a 30 min buff, that isn't helpful at all...

Blizz expects people to do this on a daily basis? For a cheap and practically useless buff? Doing all this took me almost an hour to complete. I'm never doing it again.
Of course the cranes don't even have the decency to evade reset on the pull either but rather JUST before the kill shot. I was doing this quest with a mage since we hoped it'd go smoother... until we found the feathers aren't even a group drop so that'd mean 10 feathers which wasn't really an option. Oh and don't forget that even sticking to the beachs you manage to pull a monk into the mix every few cranes which are nothing but an irritating distraction on top of the bad droprate and the resetting mobs.

All I have to say.
get rid of these quests... they're horrible

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