Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane

Yesterday morning I got a trap and started farming feathers. Pretty much the worst drop rate for a daily quest...or any other quest I can think of. When I was headed to get the pristine jet crownfeather, I saw the emote that someone had just captured the crab. I went and killed the crab and turned in the quest for a horrible rep reward( should give 1000 rep or more). I then proceeded to go get the pristine feather again. Got it from the first mob, though I pulled 6. I feel the aoe looting sometimes hinders drop rates... superstitious I guess. I turned the quest in and thought to myself...why not pick up the daily for tomorrow...bad disappeared at the dailies reset and I have the crane body and no dialogue in which to talk to the beastmaster. Blizz needs to do something to these quests..up the rep, or the drop rate, and for goodness sake don't have the daily vanish from the log...I am pretty sure no other daily will do this.

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