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i just got a all in one desk top and i downloaded all my software to my new pc and now i get the first sign in screen and it wont let me sign in to the game it tells me i have no games on my acount and i have all the way up to mop and i have time i have changed my password 3 times it did not help but i can sign in to my battle net but not the game can any one help please and thankyou
Fireistar you should start your own thread over on the Customer Service forum - this fits better there. On support forums you should always start your own thread. Here or over on Customer Service.

I am new to WOW and I installed WOW and every time I attempted to enter the world, it would boot me off. I tried everything I thought to do, never helped.
I did a re install of vista and reloaded WOW (2 days it took!) and now I'm getting error #107!
I reset my PW and it still won't work. HELP!!! I'm 15 days into WOW and have never been able to play!!
I kept getting this cause i was playing on optimal not up to date
try updating ur game fully hope this helps
I did it with my friends acc and my acc but it won't work please help :D
can i get some help with error #107? i just DL'ed and installed ptr for 5.2 and im getting #107 message
Same, been looking everywhere for help but there i cant seem to find anywhere on the forums that have talked about a fix to this.
i need help ive reset my password three times it didnt work what do i do
hi i know u have helped with error 107 can u plz help me
i have just signed up for a 1yr subcription and now i can use it
Yea im trying to log in as well getting the same error after a password reset too.
i am getting this same problem and any stupid little tweaks and password resets aren't working account was made in us computer and download were done in japan while im on deployment
I keep getting the same error, as well as my son, when he is trying to log into the PTR. We followed the support article and I even deleted the cache and did a complete re-install of the software. Please help as we cannot log into the PTR! Please help!
can you help me with this too im trying to log in on PTR and it gives me this error
I'm having the same problem as well. It's really sad that Blizzard won't take the time to help us.
anybody facing problem like me?i am trying to log in since monday and when i try to log in it says "you have been disconnected from the server
anyone knows how to fix it error 107 ? plz help !
having same issues

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