Shadow Priest looking for a guild

I recently came back to WoW after approx a year away due to changing job positions. I am looking to return to the game and find a mature guild that raids 2 possibly 3 nights a week. I do have a career so I cannot be on 24/7 but have always been active within my guild. Raiding availability would be Sunday – Thursday anytime after 6-7 pm EST.

Other than my hiatus I have played since just after release of WoW and have raided all content except the last tier of Cata. I believe I have every profession covered on one character or another up to the old 525. I have also raided with multiple classes and as DPS, tank and healer. I played with a core group of players for about 4 years. I would consider most of them actual friends and wouldn’t mind finding another similar group of players as I believe most of the have left the game.

The character I would like to make my main is currently on Lightbringer but would like to transfer back here as most of my characters are Horde on this server. If I seem like a possible fit please feel free to post, message me or even send an in game mail.

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