Infernø- 6/6 & 2/6 recruiting open!!

Infernø is currently looking to fill a few raid spots. Our progression is 6/6 MV & 2/6HoF. We are a tight-knit group of exceptional raiders who are looking to fill 2 tank spots and 3 DPS spots. Our raid times are Tuesday through Thursdays 9:30pm EST to 1am EST. We are looking for players with at least 6/6 and 2/6 experience who have a 480ilvl or higher, and are mature players.

Please reply to this thread, contact me in-game, or add my Battletag: HeatM1ser#1923
Still recruiting!
Just wanting to ask if you are still recruting. If you are me and some friends are looking for a raiding guild. We are composed of 3 dps and a healer. But as i was reading on what you are recruiting our healer is thinking of leveling a dk tank. And he is a fast leveler and gets geared pretty fast. All the characters are 480 or over item level

We are: Myself fury warrior (zolrac)
aracne mage (Stannís)
Warlock(Tomcruisejr)also has a resto shamy
Druid(Titanîa )
zoldamigit#1958 my battletag just in case

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