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Someone in the brawlers arena just randomly recieved this title, he has no idea why. The title isn't listed under any of the achievements, but wowhead does have an entry for it.

Anyone have any idea what this title is for?
Maybe its received from beating one of the rank 8 mobs? Some dude was fighting a low rank mob and the arena bugged out and sent me in with Milhouse Manastorm. I helped the guy kill his mob and it ported us both out. I received a satchel, and the title, but I didn't have credit for Milhouse under my achievement tab.
Beating all rank 8 bosses rewards this title I believe.
11/29/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Coletta
Beating all rank 8 bosses rewards this title I believe.

I have it, and have killed 0 of them. That, and the achievement for those 4 has no listed reward, so I dunno.
I have killed 1 of the rare mobs at rank 8 and got the title after selecting the "Lets Party!" option from Blingtron o.0
Bizarre. Ive got rank 8 but not a rare kill as of yet(45-2 hr queues are aids). Silly buggy title.
Hmm, maybe you get the title after having done X ammount of fights? Win or lose.

Only explaination i can give...
My assumption is it works similar to the distribution of the Competitor's Tabard back in 2008. Members (regardless of rank) have a chance at receiving it after a match.

***Competitor's tabard was given out at random for participating in BGs during the summer olympics.

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