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hey all anyone able to find this pet? i created a gnome and went to the toxic airfield and so far none some say underground but i have not seen anything underground
check periodically these are like minifernal they are a slow respawn rate, i managed to get the infinite hatchling and the eye just by going very late night.
Slowest spawn of all the new pets varified
I found a few on my own server, but after making 7 different gnomes I found a rare!
They are around all over the gnome starting area. I found about 2-4 spawning in each realm I tried.
I found one of these guys in the toxic airfield late at night. There was only one up at the time. Keep checking back and good luck!
11/29/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Skyelock
Slowest spawn of all the new pets varified

Sharing spawn points with irradiated roaches can not be helpful.
I found one yesterday after flying in circles for a while, over by the Monk trainer actually.

Poor quality, but every new pet I've found has been poor quality. >_>

Incentive to get the stones or something? Bleck.
I was lucky, yesterday I got an uncommon fluxfire feline (only one I saw in over half an hour) and a rare Arcane Eye (first was poor, second was rare).
i made several gnomes on some small population pvp servers and i found one and i raced another low level gnome to the spot thinking crud he has it but then he went another way and boom i got a nice uncommon one
got a green one this early AM. i made one gnome for this on a new player server Vashj. they can spawn inside the starter area too, when i went outside there where 5 fluxfires, all of them where in the toxic airfield area. i checked other areas shown on thottbot. one thing i noticed there where no roaches flagged when the felines where there.
Found one right near the instance portal for Gnomergon.
I found one in the afternoon after having hovered all morning. I got sick of hovering and went to other toons and came back in the afternoon when 2 had spawned. Picked up a green.
I got my rare last night. There was like, 15 up in the starting zone, xD

They're there, just make level 1 gnomes on multiple servers.
11/29/2012 05:30 PMPosted by Reinhilde
They're there, just make level 1 gnomes on multiple servers.

LOL, I did this and just checked them all, no Fluxfires but tons of little lvl one Gnomes running around looking for them. I guess now we make lvl 1s on high pop servers while everyone else is still on the low ones? :D
Hey you PvPers! I'm in your server stealing your Fluxfire Felines. On a level 1 gnome full server. Was there right where I spawned. Only a common, but I have plenty of extra justice!
i started a gnome on one fo my previously ally realms, zoned in to 3 ro 4 paws of either irradiated roaches or fluxfire felines.. as i explored the very starting starting area for the gnome si found a bunch, and got a rare in only a few minutes time.
I was doing pet battles when i encountered one i looked it up in my pet journal it looked pretty good i created a gnome then i found the pet. it is really awesome!!!
This rare eludes me... I've been farming on several gnomes for about 5 hours now and counting. Encountered about 60 of them, with 10 or so uncommon ones.

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