Guild Recruitment
We are in need of a few great players to round out our 10 man raid team.

We are 2/6H MSV, 4/6 HoF, and we raid Tues Weds and Thurs 6-10 PST. We are seeking someone that will come in, do a great job, be a great communicator, and likes to have some fun dammit!

Even though we like to have some, there are some things a successful candidate must have:

Great attendance
Drive to improve
Commitment to come prepared with all consumables each raid
Commitment to researching encounters BEFORE we attempt them

We hold ourselves accountable to do these things. If one raider does not, he is hurting the othr nine raiders around him and it's our promise to you that we will not allow that.

We believe playing the game well, and progressing keeps the game fun and fresh.

We have been around since launch day. We cleared all vanilla content except 40 man Naxx (Only two bosses killed). We cleared all content in BC, including Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal titles, killed all content up through Kalegos in Sunwell BEFORE the nerfs, cleared all content in Wrath, including Ulduar and Icecrwon Drakes, cleared all content in Cata, including Firelands and Madness drakes.

We have a history of clearing content, and we will continue to do so for a long, long time. What we need is one or two like minded people, that want to push progression, that are competitive, also have a great sense of humor (cannot tell you how important that is).

Go to www.drivencenarius.com for more info.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thirteen Thirty Seven - US Lightbringer is currently 2/6H 25 vaults. 6/6 25 man Heart of Fear. 4/4 (Elite) 25 man ToES.

Raid times (PST):

Tuesday 7:00p - 11:00p
Wednesday 7:00p - 11:00p
Thursday 7:00p - 11:00p
Monday 7:00p - 11:00p (Used mainly for holidays, close kills, first week progression..etc)

We recently converted back to 25 mans and are looking for more for the 25 man core. The main reason as to the recent conversion is because the guild went into hibernation back in January of this year after going 6/8H in Dragon Soul and getting a US 60 H Rag kill. Many of the guild's main raiders became bored with the content and decided to stop playing and have recently came back to the game, hence the switch from a small 10 man back to 25. Many of the main raiders from that 6/8H Dragon Soul group have returned to raid and we are looking to fill the gaps in our roster. These gaps have caused us to 24 and 23 man our two of our three H Stone Guard kills and 24 man our H Feng kill. The talent is their for many of our players, but we are still in need of more raiders.

We are recruiting the following classes / specs:


1 Disc/Holy Priest
1 Shadow Priest
1 Fury/Arms Warrior
1 Holy Paladin


1 Rogue
1 Hunter
1 Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk


Anything else not listed above. This includes healers and tanks not listed above.

Although these are considered what we need now, we are accepting applicants whom we consider amazing. We usually do on the day replies and interviews for all applicants (Unless its really late or during the raid times).

Loot Distribution:
Loot is done in a loot council format.

What we expect from you:
Make 95% of raids, know all heroic fights, provide amazing performance (interrupts should be flawless, environment should be flawless, dps/hps should be very high). We understand RL situations come up. Please notify us via our forums or in game for late or missed raids. 100% enchants, gems, strategies and tactics known.

Apply at :

Realid Contacts:
GM: tibiron#1639
SACRIFICE GUILD - www.sacrificeguild.org

CURRENT Progression (25) - US 62 25-man
- 4/6 Heroic Vaults
- 1/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
- 4/4 Terrace (Protector's Elite down)

Previous Progression
- 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (US 111)
- 7/7 Heroic Firelands (US 120)

Server: Mannoroth (PvP EST) Chicago Data Center
Schedule: Mon / Tues / Wed / Thur, 7:30 - 11:00 PM CST
Loot: Loot Council via attendance + performance

Thezdin - jake.litwicki@gmail.com
Ryechu/Glyscore - jr_renner@hotmail.com
Hola, we are heavily recruiting another hybrid boomkin/resto druid for our core.

Friend Zone (25 Man Guild) is recruiting your class for a core raiding spot.

Progression: 1/6 Heroic Vaults, 6/6 Normal Heart Of Fear, 2/4 ToES
Server: Darkspear, Alliance
Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 7:30PM-11PM MT (6:30PM-10PM PST, 9:30PM-1AM EST) Optional 10 man over the weekend for more progression.
Website: www.friendzoneguild.com

Contact: Vitaminwater: Battletag, Vitaminwater#1922 or myself Spens#1678
2/6HM 4/6HoF

We raid Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday from 7PM - 10PM EST

We have been a solid guild for almost a year now, and we run a pretty relaxed and fun guild here. Our main focus is progression.

We are transferring the guild this Sunday to play on Illidan. #1 most active server because we want to be amongst the best, our current server is dead impossible to bring off realm recruits here.

This is a great opportunity for somebody to transfer to an awesome server and join a great group of raiders who have been raiding together for a while now. We are very strong and dedicated, we just have been having attendance issues due to holidays and 2 players not showing up, hence why we are transferring!

If you are interested in transferring with us please visit our website now and apply at www.derpwood.net or add me on real id: nick609@gmail.com
We are losing a hunter due to his leaving for bootcamp in the next few weeks so I am looking to replace him with another ranged dps. Please get in touch with me if interested, as there will be a core spot available.

<Borderline Amazing> [25M] is currently recruiting exceptional raiders.

We are currently 1/6H MSV and 5/6N HoF.

We classify our guild as a casual-hardcore guild. We define this as a guild who raids in a friendly, enjoyable environment for a limited time a week, while also progressing steadily through heroic content. We make the most of our 3 day raiding schedule. We are looking for loyal players with a high level of situational awareness, knowledge of your class, and promptness/preparedness for the raid night at hand. Attendance is absolutely key to earning a core raid spot within our guild. If you cannot consistently make our raids on a weekly basis (all three days), it is unlikely you will earn a raiding spot with our core. Keep this in mind before applying! We currently operate under a loot council loot system.

Our raid days/times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8pm-midnight EST. Bleeding Hollow is a PVP-EST server, Chicago based data center.

Please submit an application at http://www.ba-guild.com/ or contact one of us below:

Real ID/BattleTag Contacts (Make sure you leave your character name and server in the comment area):
Earthlas [GM] Country#1350
Brocules [Officer] eugenio.plaja@gmail.com
Purstigious [Officer] brucefarley23@yahoo.com
Solacë [Human Resources] Solace#1490
Haystack [Human Resources] efex669@hotmail.com

Feel free to contact us ingame if you have any questions.
Hello. We're looking for a boomer. Here's our website information:


And my real id:
hey Dearborn,

We run a 2 night a week 10 man team which fields Friday and Saturday from 8:15-1AM EST. Currently we could greatly benefit from having a competent and dedicated Boomkin. The teams progression is 16/16N and 2/6H MSV. If you're interested in more information regarding how we're run you can find it at: http://www.avatar-suramar.com I'd like to chat more with you and see if we're what you're looking for so I will leave my contact info below:

Realid: Brad.Viola@hotmail.com
Battletag: Dikkybubba#1195

Looking forward to talking with you soon
hi dearborn, we have a full time spot for a top notch balance druid. add me to real id for a chat: chaoticretard@hotmail.co.uk or check out our forums. farmstatus.net

about us:

About Farm Status

We are a tough progressive guild trying to down content as fast as possible while having a blast. We are the furthest progressed guild on Rexxar, holding number one on the server for years, and held top 50 U.S. Aiming to get the players again to aim for a top 50 us once again!


Vanilla: All content cleared
TBC: All content cleared (Top 60 U.S. Muru + KJ Sunwell kills)
WOTLK: All content cleared (Top 30 kills + Top 50 U.S. HLK Kill)
CATA: All content cleared
MOP: MSV Normal 5/6 25M - Heroic 1/6 25M - 2/6 Heroic 10M – HOF Normal 4/6 10M


Tues – Wed – Thurs 7-11 PM CST(8-12 est)
Weekends we run alt raids and just hang out on other games such as dota/d3


 1 Priest Disc – High demand
 1 Paladin Holy
 1 Rogue
 2 Lock – High demand
 1 Mage – High demand
 1 Druid Boomchick – High demand

We will consider ANYONE for our raiding roster, but raiding experience is shined upon. Slackers will not be carried, but will be found and removed from the guild. If you've just recently changed mains, gear is not an issue. If you cannot make at least two of these raids a week, please don't waste your time!


-Good communication skills. Many of the encounters are multifaceted, it’s impossible for a single person to monitor all the elements of a fight. We rely on all our raiders to provide input on fights and give constructive suggestions/ideas, especially for new content. Members also need to know when to be vocal and when to be quiet and listen. You have to be able to respond on Team Speak when spoken to.

-Possess a PvE mindset. Our officers and members have a strong desire to see new content and progress as a guild. If you do not share the same goals/interests, this is not the guild for you.

-Mature enough to tolerate jokes and handle criticism. If you can’t take racist, gender bashing, ^-*!-talking or being made fun of, then this is NOT the guild for you. We love to have fun and a BIG PART of that is joking around.

-Come prepared to every raid with consumables (potions, flasks, oils, food, etc) to last you the entire night. We will provide most things, but it isn't a guarantee.

-Know how to prepare for encounters and progression. If it's a new fight, you're expected to understand at least the basic abilities of the fight and have seen videos of the encounter. Reading our strat forum helps!

- Stable internet connection and computer that can run WoW is paramount.

Why Farm Status?

-Drama Free: We do not tolerate drama of any kind in Farm Status. We don't have officers screaming at each-other on TS, inter-guild flame threads, or any of the other bull@#$% that can arise from raiding. Loot drama is especially frowned upon; idiots who complain constantly about loot or demand pieces will be removed without hesitation. We have worked hard to maintain a fun but mature atmosphere and we intend on keeping it that way.

-Positive Raid Environment: Farm Status believes raids should be fun and enjoyable. If you are seeking a home where, the raid leader is blows up at people for every tiny mistake, look elsewhere. We believe in a positive and upbeat environment - our progression is evidence of this successful philosophy.

-Fair loot system: We use council loot system, where we decide who needs the gear the most. No DKP hoarding, no officers getting sneaky DKP. You'll generally find our officers having the worst gear due to giving it out to others. If you NEED a piece to complete a set, or it's a huge upgrade, chances are you'll get it. Priority to tanks is the rule.

Officers to Contact
Vredezbyrd (Recruitment Officer)
Uncut (GM / MT)
Boomr (Officer)
Moodana (Healer officer)
Gniguwatt (Melee officer)
Blastoidz (Ranged lieutenant)
Heavypackage(Melee lieutenant)

To acquire help, answers, or to setup officer meeting for recruitment; REAL ID


tls.wowstead.com johann_shockency@yahoo.com

We're a perfect match.

We are always recruiting high end players that, back up their experience with their performance. I would enjoy hearing back from you via real id or feel free to just throw up and application.

<The Late Shift> We are currently 4/6heroic MV 16/16 normal 25m, and the #3 25m late night guild in the world. We are ranked top 250 World 25m.

We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 11:45pm-3:30am EST.

If you are interested, please contact me via realID at johann_shockency@yahoo.com, or post an application at tls.wowstead.com.

Good luck, hope to hear from you soon!
<Chosen> is a Heroic Mode raiding guild on the alliance side of Ner'zhul. We are focused on 25m progression and we are recruiting for Mists of Pandaria.

Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 6:00pm - 10:00pm Server Time (PST). We run a Loot Council system that rewards players based on attendance and performance in raids.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - 4/6 HM
Heart of Fear - 2/6 HM
Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 N

• DPS Death Knight
• Elemental Shaman
• Feral Druid
• Enhancement Shaman
• Monks - All Specs
• Balance Druid
• Restoration Druid

What <Chosen> Brings to You:
• A raiding core that has been together for multiple years starting from the previous
expansion with players from multiple top 50 US guilds.
• An environment where performance is valued above all else.
• Like minded, progression oriented raiders.

What is Wanted from You:
• You should be, above all else, motivated to kill heroic bosses.
• Your attendance needs to be at least 90%. You will be an integral part of our raid group
and not recruited for the bench.
• Know your class. DPS: Always be able to put out the maximum amount of damage your
class/gear is capable of. Healers: If a fight calls for seven healers, be motivated to
attempt it with four or five.
• Quickly be able to understand new fight mechanics. This current tier of raiding introduces
mechanics that haven't been seen in previous tiers, your goal is to master them in the
least possible number of attempts.
• You must be able to receive constructive criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, what will
set you apart from other players is the ability to recognize a problem and be able to work
through it.

If you're interested in joining <Chosen> apply at www.chosennerzhul.com.
Also contact us through RL ID or battle tag:
Beastyn - Beastyn#1194
Aryxia - nikki_n23@hotmail.com or Aryxia#1523
Website: www.Rehabguild.com

Recruitment is now open for all classes for MoP!

All 25 man raid spots are competitive to ensure that our raiders stay on top of their game and to ensure a high quality raid environment.

We are located on the PvE server Area 52.

Current raid times are:
Wednesday 8pm-12am
Thursday 8pm-12am
Sunday 8pm-12am
*All times are EST*

T10- 11/12 H
T11 - 10/13 H
T12 - 6/7 H
T13 - 8/8 H
T14/Current - 3/6H MSV; 6/6 HoF; 1/4 ToES

We distribute loot by means of the EPGP system, which rewards long term contribution to the guild but also provides less of a barrier to newer members to get gear. We understand that loot is easier to come by in this stage of the game, but we still reward loot fairly and evenly.

--Exceptional Applicants always welcome--

All possible recruits should:
- Have a thorough knowledge of their class and all specs
- Be prepared to consistently play at a high level
- Be able to fill out a proper guild application at www.rehabguild.com
- Have a sense of humor (our raiders love to joke around! While we get serious when boss pulling is involved, we all love a good joke or two at the expense of each other)
- Have fun while raiding. While we do take our progression very seriously, we all play this game to have fun. If you are going to get overly upset on wiping to a new boss a few times, this guild...and probably this game, are not right for you.

If interested, apply online at our previously mentioned website, or pm an officer in game.

Officers - Swîft, Mondlevic, Nef

Battletags -
Xav#1397 (Nef)
I am the GM and raid leader of NPH FanClub, We are a 25 man progression raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group.

We are currently in the top 300 US for 25 mans and climbing the ranking ladder each week. We were a prior top 100 world guild that took a break and are eager to regain our prior ranking. Currently working on our heroic push through content.

We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders to fill key spots in our core group! We're looking for players who know their class and how to maximize their performance, and who are eager to push progression at a competitive pace.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8pm-11:30pm EST with optional alt raids and gdkp raids on the offnights.


Real ID/battletag:
[H] Sympathy of Turalyon (PvE)

Sympathy was established in April 2012 when we moved horde from our former alliance counterpart (Apathy) to get the attention of better players. Unfortunately, we got off to a rocky start with the new 25M and are in dire need of exceptional players. Our 2 10 mans have been established for quite some time and our 25M is going through its filtering stage currently so we'll be ready to push harder through the next tier with more competent and skilled raiders. Raid spots are competitive so don't think you'll pass trial and get to be lazy. We want to keep raising the bar and pushing harder.

We currently need any and all amazing DPS who don't stand in !@#$ and follow directions! Also need 1 non paladin healer.

25M Raid Schedule:
8-11 EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and sometimes Monday.

10s currently not recruiting.

Websites of Interest:
- http://sympathy.rancidracing.com/
- http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Sympathy

Please apply online so me and my officers can look over it as we get a chance. I've been really busy lately and hunting me down online before raid times is almost impossible.

If you need to get in contact with me, add my battletag: Sieara#1968 or email me: nintendobratkat@yahoo.com since my phone gets my emails.

I'd love to see you put in an app at South of Heaven. We're a 25m team raiding Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9pm to 12am EST. We're currently 4/6H MSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToeS, ranked US400. I'd also mention that the guild is 8 years old and was founded by me, so you're getting a stable team with mature leadership.

This post does a good job describing what I need from you:

Please head to sohguild.com and post an introduction on our public forum. Additionally, please add ashin#1840 so we can chat in person.

Hoping to hear from you. :)
Tidal (3/16H, 16/16N), while new to the Stormrage server, was formed out of group of dedicated raiders from a 25 man guild with a long history. The core of our team decided that we wanted the more controlled environment of 10 man raid. We all believe in raiding smarter, rather than raiding harder. We troubleshoot problems as a team and analyze all available data to ensure that our raids are efficient as possible. We also require that every member put forth effort outside of raid to ensure that they can perform at the best of his or her ability when raiding. We expect above and beyond to simply watching a strat video and knowing how to push buttons. Through intelligent raiding and prepared raiders, we are able to continuously compete for top rankings. We're proud of our progress and will continue to strive for high level progression in end-game content. We not only value highly skilled players and progression, but we also place extremely high value on our relationships with each other.

Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 11:30pm EST are required. We hold additional arranged nights; raiding up to 4 nights or more per week during progression.

18+ is required, 21+ is preferred.

Please vist our website at www.tidal-stormrage.com or contact Avryel or Mearpond in game for information. Or feel free to contact via email at mearpond@tidal-stormrage.com, or via realid at avryel722@gmail.com
Heart Of Fear 4/6
Mogushan Vaults 6/6
Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic.

We are well established guild, raiding on Stormscale Horde side since Dec 2010. Many of our officers and raiders are with us since the beginning, and our community is still growing. Mature, dedicated and passionate about raiding we always welcome experienced and active players to join our ranks. We are raising the bar to enjoy end game content on a high standard. We consider ourselves to be a big family, our raiding times are full of laughter and humor, but when it comes to progression, everyone is exerting maximum effort and attention.

Is Powered by Rice a hardcore guild? No, we are not. We'd consider us semi-hc: we are able to beat the current encounters and achieve the things that can be achieved in the game. But we are not doing it trying to get world or server firsts, raiding at 03:00 after a major content patch. No one said that we didn't have ambitions, but going into 12 hours of raids per day just isn't our treat - we have people who have families, work and enjoy free days out of wow. But when we raid, its serious enough.

Because we raid only three days a week, we expect 90% attendance, maximum focus and good raid preparation.

We are looking for people that:

- can raid Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday. (3/3 attendance)

- have a good and relevant raiding experience,

- are geared well enough to start current progression,

- have stable internet connection, decent computer and Ventrillo installed,

- have a good knowledge of your class and specs,

- have friendly attitude and are good team players,

- able to play under pressure and can take positive criticism

- are at least 18 years old.

As a guild we supply our raiders with raid consumables. This allows everyone to focus their schedules in enjoying the game and not endless farming for mats.

Raid Time (Server time) :

- Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday (7:00 to 11:00)pst
Those time can be extended during progression.

Our social community is mostly compose from raiders family members and friends. We are active and implicate on the server, organizing casual event and supporting new player. Welcome to re-roll, veteran or simply casual players that want to enjoy a laid back atmosphere with no pressure.

You can apply here http://poweredbyrice.enjin.com/

Skype: Powered.by.rice

Officers Battletags:
Kaoticsupa#1753 - Wengtot
Kadiliman#1112 - Garutay

For class specific needs, we're looking for these following classes as priority.

Druid - Resto, Feral, Boomkin
Monk - MW or DPS
Mage - Frost/Fire
Priest - Disc/Shadow
Hunter - BM / Surv
Pally - Ret / Holy
DK - Dps

But exceptional raiders will always be welcome :-)
Omerta is a group of raiders that have been raiding since classic, know each other IRL, and have decided to work together to kill bosses. We take a mostly casual approach towards raiding, but consistently and successfully kill bosses. We are currently 1/6 Heroic in Mogushan and 4/6 in Heart of Fear. If you are easily offended by language such as "You are a herd of boils and plagues!", Keeping track of how early in a raid the 4-letter words come out, or cannot take jokes about rogues dressed up as ogres, please do not apply. Then again, if you are awesome, no need to worry.

Our current raid composition is:

Tanks: Warrior and Monk
Healers: Paladin, Disc Priest, and Shaman (OS Elemental)
Ranged DPS: Fire Mage and Multispec Warlock
Melee DPS: Rogue and Enh Shaman

We are looking for a balance druid to replace one of our members who is stepping away from the game. We want someone who knows all of the current content in normal modes as well as some experience in Heroic modes but a ton of experience isn't necessary, we are all learning this content together.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday 7-11PM Server (CST).

We would like for you to be geared appropriately and ready to go upon recruitment (LFR gear or better).
Must have a good attitude and willing to roll with the punches as they come.

If you are interested, please visit us at:
or talk to Xanchta, Nazen, or Notenuffrage in game on the Blackhand server, Horde side.
Divide of US-Zul'jin is currently recruiting a boomkin. Divide is a 25-man raiding guild and our current progression in MoP: 6/16HM 25-Man. Zul'jin is a high pop server with a large raiding community.

What we look for in our applicants:
1. Show that you enjoy raiding and the challenges & wipes.
2. Ability to adapt and maintain high situational awareness.
3. Know your class inside and out. Always min/maxing for an encounter.
4. Willingness to prepare ahead of times, read and take part in strategy discussions on our forums.
5. Have history/logs that prove your a quality raider.
6. Have a stable computer and internet connection.

Divide Website: http://www.divideguild.net

If you need more information or have any questions you can also get in touch with us via REALID: varcarl323@hotmail.com or BATTLETAG: Sentient#1916, or by whispering any of our officers (see the bottom of this post) in game / PMing them on our website.

We hope to hear from you soon!

About Divide:

Prior to our move to Zul'jin, Divide had been one of the top Horde guilds on Greymane since the start of BC. We have been and will continue to be a fun & drama-free raiding guild that is absolutely focused on progression. As has always been the case, we remain fully committed to 25-man raiding. In Wrath, we were the first horde-side guild on Greymane to kill 'HM Halion & HM LK' (12/12 HM 25 ICC, HM 25 RS, 12/12 HM 10s, drakes 25 & 10s). In Firelands we had the server-first 25-man Heroic Rag Kill. In DS, we went 8/8 HM in Dragon Soul and have cleared it weekly as well as killed every boss at 0% buff as we wait for MoP.

Outside of our main raids, we do old content on a consistent basis and have been clearing 25 FL and various ICC raids weekly as well as numerous alt runs, etc. We also run guild events quite frequently, such as our Stormwind Trike Race and our Firelands Speed-run Draft raid extravaganza!

Raid Schedule:

Our 25 man Raid schedule is Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon from 7:30-11:00PM Central (or 8:30-12PM EST). Invites usually go out 15 mins prior to raid time.

Our Greymane Firelands Progression was:

- 7/7 Hardmode (Server First 25-Man 7/7HM, and Server First Legendary Staff)
- Top US 100 25-Man Raiding Guild.

What do we provide our raiders?

We provide full boss strategies on our forums & raider feedback on a consistent basis. We provide all of raiders with food prior to the pull, two cauldrons a raid night for flasks, and potions for use during the raid night. Vets and Core ranked raiders get additional potions and free enchants (and some free gems).

What do we look for in our applicants?

We are looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama-free min/maxers who know their class inside-out, keep up with the latest (and upcoming) additions and changes to the game, have stable computers and Internet connections, and come prepared with knowledge of the boss mechanics.

Please note that we do not recruit anybody to be on the "bench". All raiders recruited to the guild are being considered for a core spot on the team. If we didn't feel comfortable having you as a core raider with us then we wouldn't be accepting your application in the first place.

Paid Transfers!

Indeed! We currently have a system in place wherein we will reimburse the transfer fees for exceptional individuals. The way this works is as follows: The standard procedure following the acceptance of your application is that you will go through a 2 week evaluation period during which we analyze you fully on multiple levels. At the end of the 2 week period one of four things can happen:

1) We decide that you suck, and that we can't offer you a spot on our raid team.

2) We decide that we still need some more time to come to a decision and extend the evaluation period by 1 week.

3) We have decided that you are a skilled player and you have met our expectations of you during your trial period. As such we will promote you to member rank!

4) We have decided that you are a truly exceptional player and you have exceeded our expectations of you during your trial period! As such we will promote you to member rank and reimburse your transfer fees as an acknowledgement of your skill! Good job!

If you feel like you would be a good fit then we strongly encourage you to submit an application on our website:


REALID: varcarl323@hotmail.com or BATTLETAG: Sentient#1916

You can track our Raiding Progress and read more guild information at wow progress:

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