I hoped for better, guys.

I thought we were going to be dignified about 5.1.

Turns out it just took a few days for the bads to get their knickers in a satisfyingly uncomfortable knot before coming back to the forums to be a !@#$ing disgrace to the class.

PvP is not balanced for 1v1s in a random battleground between two players at 1100 rating. PvP is not balanced for duels outside of IF/Org between you and your friend who was totally a duelist once and he beat you with his Second Wind-powered Execute Strike after stacking TfB like 10 times in 1 GCD. PvP is not balanced for the whimsies and whines of the dregs of the class they represent.

All of the reasons Priests, Mages and Rogues were wrong about Warriors in 5.0.5 are now the reason Warriors are wrong about Warriors now in 5.1. They were terrible and didn't understand the class. Now you're all terrible and don't understand the class, either. Any warrior posting right now that thinks that 5.1 somehow impeded the Warrior class's ability to be represented in 16.8% of all 3v3 arena teams above 2200 should be ashamed of themselves.

The ever-changing seas of Ghostcrawler's idea of balance drag bad players to and from Warriors all the time. Same goes for every other class. The bottom 15% will come and go. The players who are good, dedicated, interested and most importantly do not have entitlement complexes rivaling their persecution complexes will stay.

Any Warrior here who has gone these last two days without ever once thinking "Man, Warriors are a broken class" aught to give themselves a big ol' pat on the back. The ones who are rushing for their Hunters that they abandoned at level 55 so they could roll DKs on the backs of 3.x can stay gone.

In the immortal words of Kishkumin,

"I used to be able to kill everyone! Now I can't kill anyone! ...Did I get worse?"
"No. You were never any good."
It does. I was praising Warriors in the hours before 5.1 when the servers weren't up but the forums were for being so collected about it.

But !@#$ty players ruin the game for everyone, and I'm somewhere between depressed and eye-rollingly unsurprised by the clown car full of whining incompetents who are more interested in one-shot macros than they are about learning to do something properly.

I'm %^-* at this game and I get rolled when I try to PvP, but I don't chalk that up to Blizz - I chalk that up to the fact I charge 1v5 in no PvP gear to try to get the flag off a Guardian Druid.

A little accountability is all I'm asking for.

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