If Gc stated that if every1 in the class starts taking the same talents they may change them to benefit the class overall. So if we all have the same talents pre 5.1 and nothing effectivly changes and we all still have the same talents post 5.1 guess we can see a few nerfs comming huh.

Too bad we spec shadow focus not like subterfuge works anyway. so we get 2 choices at lv 15 either a free ambush of faster stealth. now since subterfuge doesnt work properly and stealth is just a joke now(every other classes stealth lvl is higher) what choice do we have?

Should we expect even more nerfs since we are left with zero choice on our talent tree? remember most of this was pointed out in beta. Its 5.1 we know you could care less.

If feedbacks really important you'd fire ghostcrawler for making this his personel adventure instead of him doing his job. I know if i worked at dominos and some1 ordered a pizza, they paid in advance and i didnt deliver it to them telling them i know and im working on it and maybe in a few months theyll get it isnt an option.

Tldr- either fire GC or get a freaking rogue designer we all know absolutly noone plays a rogue on the design team, and if they do they should be fired too.

edit: btw this is just the 1st teir of talents we get, the others are just as bad. maybe remove subterfuge and replace with improved kidney shot- 20 sec cd stuns for 5 secs deals 100k damage modified by AP. Or is that out of hand for a talent? maybe improved recuperate, 3% of health per sec? or that too much too? maybe dispatch hitting for 600k? thats ok right?
i see no changes i wake up in the mornin and i ask myself is sub worth playin or should i just blast myself
And yet I see no changes
All I see is classist faces
Misplaced rage makes disgrace to Mages
GC needs to be fired
look at 5.2 notes oh my

Cheap Shot has a new more anatomically appropriate animation.

11/29/2012 05:12 PMPosted by Pears
look at 5.2 notes oh my

That was a good set of 4.3 april fools patch notes.

Or was it a different patch? Either way...
I lol'd. Like really hard.
Deadly Throw

Cheat Death

Paralytic Poison

NO! These are the talents we want changed......

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