Brawler's Guild and Healers

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You cant brawlers guild in heal spec
You can pvp in green PvE gear
You can't heal a raid as a Ret pally
You can tank a heroic boss as a Mage

I can't tell if that last one was intentional or not

Sorry about that, a cell phone is not the ideal tool for forum posting.
I know this is a necro/old thread but have seen people complain about this a bit.

My stance is:

If you're interested in it enough to picket having a new version for tanks/healers because you can't dps, you couldve spent the whole time you have arguing learning, and then you can play both roles in future for raids or anything.

It's. That. Simple.
Healers see me brawlin.

They hatin.
We are all not entitled to every piece of this game, I for example have never done a current heroic raid, shouldn't I get that opportunity? No, I don't have enough time to raid nor do I have the desire to change my life around for it. Just because you like healing does not mean that Blizzard has to make an entirely different encounter design for yourself and those like you.
Why did this thread get necro'd?

Brawler's guild is not for healers. I hate dpsing, therefore I will never do brawler's guild. The end.
It's a practicality issue.

Every class can DPS, but not every class can heal.

No one is demanding you make a brand new class to participate in content
11/29/2012 11:43 PMPosted by Illifra
How about all bosses are adjusted for tanks and heals? Tanks get an increased enrage timer, but the boss deals more damage. Bosses have reduced HP for the heals. Or would that make too much sense?

Then you'd get people re-specing to whatever's easier for the boss they're working on.
How about a Peace Corps? Where you can heal the bosses like Tsulong (day phase) in ToES?
having a tank spec made a few of the fights like GG engineering pretty trivial.
Probably will go back and tackle Brawler's guild in 5.2 since I won't need a buff group then (they don't exist anymore)
02/16/2013 01:16 AMPosted by Raphaelli
How about a Peace Corps? Where you can heal the bosses like Tsulong (day phase) in ToES?

HPS and DPS numbers are nowhere near equal, nor are they per class. Disc Priest abosrbs and such wouldnt work at all, and many mechanics are just trivial if you can heal yourself. the tight enrage timers (battletron+) on bosses prevent hybrid healers from completely trivializing the higher fights.
The real sad thing is that it would be EASY to make this stuff doable by healers and tanks.

Look at the fights. They have some mechanics to them, those can stay the same. How are the fights tough? The timer, so leave the timer.

How do you leave the timer when tanks and healers don't do enough damage? Well you adjust the expected dps needed to complete the fight by adjusting the mob's health.

Oh, but now you say it will be too easy since healers and tanks have more survivability? Ok, then you also factor in what the fight expects a person to be taking as damage and increase it.

For tanks you just increase the incoming damage, perhaps in a spiky way to make tanks have to be smart about using cooldowns. You lower the DPS requirement. You find balance that rewards tanks for being good tanks and keeps the exact same timer in place.

For healers you need to balance incoming damage with what you expect the healer to be able heal to stay alive (i.e. non-spiky damage increase as compared to tanks) while lowering the dps requirement even more drastically than for tanks since a) healers suck at dps and b) you expect them to spend some certain portion of the fight healing themselves.

Yes, this would require Bliz to spend some time tuning the fights for the three roles. It's not rocket science though and it would allow players to compete in their chosen roles without needing to respec/regear. PLUS it's easy and possible.

If your argument is shut up, stop whining, the content is what it is so suck it up and do what's needed to compete, then nothing I've said in any way addresses this.

If your argument is in any way about how it's not possible then you are wrong and not very creative, apparently just like Bliz.

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