[H]<Titan>10m 1/13H-t/w/th 9:30p-1a-DPS/Heals

Area 52
What we are looking for

2 Exceptional DPS Spriest/Warlock*/Hunter/Ele Shaman* 505+
1 Healer with competetive OS DPS - Druid/Shaman*/Monk*
* - High Priority

Logs would be ideal here, tho not specifically required.

All Exceptional Applicants

Currently 1/13H ToT

When do we raid:
Tuesday: 9:30p/1a Server/EST
Wedsnesday: 9:30p/1a Server/EST
Thursday: 9:30p/1a Server/EST


If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact Swarels, Nornua, Pastriez, Meladrial, Lishai, in game for more information.

My Battletag is Swarley#1675
Nornua's Battletag Nornua#1584
Meladrial's Battletag Mel#1109
bump for new recruiting
New Spot just opened.
EDIT: We are 6/6 MSV and 5/6 HoF currently.
good call.
Bumb for raising the bar
Edit: Looking for Holy pally and a bear more than ever!
Still an open core spot for a tank.
Bump for new recruiting. Looking for a tank MEOW.
Bump for new recruiting.. need a healer
Changing it up.. only need a deeps now
Editing post and bumping for 1 exceptional moonkin!
Edit New Recruiting, possible role change depending on what applicants we get.
quite the necro there.
Still Looking for a Ranged Battle Res... Where are all the moonkins?
Editing Class Needs
Bump for 1 ranged dps
Bump for a healing position being opened.
Still need that moonkin too!
Need a healer asap. also could still use a ranged dps.

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