477 Prot warrior LF 10man Raiding Guild

Let me start right off with some of the basics.

Typical Weekly Playtime:
I am available to raid anytime during the week . I'm looking for start times of either 7 or 8pm server. Must have a core spot for for me, and is based upon any loot system. I am a 35 year old father of one, but have a great wife who watches our kid when i raid. I need a guild that has mature individuals.

My Talents/Spec:
Protection MS with Fury OS. I can contribute in either one

Of course I have both and a mic, and don't even mind talking on it once and a while.

Previous Raiding Experience:
I am a raider, more so then a PvP-er. I have experience in all Vanilla, BC, WotLK. Cata raids with HM experience.
I am a quick learner who ALWAYS comes prepared, can stand constructive criticism, and doesn't stand in the fire.

Average iLvl:
Right now 477. All PvE gear. No PvP Crap.

600 in Alchemy (Elixir Master), 600 in JC, and maxed First Aid, Fishing, Cooking & Archeology

If you think that your guild would match my needs, are progressing and looking for a quality tank who knows his class, please contact me. I am very eager to get within a guild that can utilize my experience. Thank you for your time!
Go ahead and add me Alec#1170. A few friends of mine just created a new guild and we are currently recruiting for core progression. We are all i482+ geared but still recruiting for our roster.

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