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All Hail Cenarius!!

I am new to the server (been here about a month now) and I am 86 :). I am looking for a laid back 10 man type guild in need of a Ele or Resto (I prefer Ele until I get used to healing again, had to use Ele to quest so thats what I've done / am doing). I am interested in RBGs and Challenge Modes, a long with 10 Man content (normal, never cared for heroic).

IF u like, ur more than welcome to join Midnight Crusade. We are a newly transferred guild and are looking to fill our ranks of both casual players and raiders alike. Just let us know! ;)
LF A Social Guild (both on and off voice chat).
Hello Redeyez! Hoping you'll be 90 soon, as we are looking for an Elemental Shaman to join our ranks!

Post Mortem is an Alliance guild, looking for some solid players to join our raiding core! We are a new guild full of WoW veterans, with a "Work Hard, Play Hard" mentality. We want dedicated players who know their class, know their role, know their fights; who want reap the rewards and have fun while playing with a bunch of like-minded hooligans!

Raiding Schedule:
We currently raid Tuesday and Wednesday, 7-10pm PST/Server, with the option of Monday raids for cleanup as we see fit.

We've been primarily focusing on 10-man raiding, however when we feel we have enough players, our goal is to shift to 25-man raiding.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - 4/6
Heart of Fear - TBD
Terrace of the Endless Spring - TBD

Our Environment aka the "Disclaimer":
Our raid, vent, and guild chats often contain harsh language, off-color jokes, and often sexual content. You will also need to be comfortable with receiving constructive criticism from both the officers and your fellow guild mates. This may include comments on your spec, gem choices, talent choices, etc. We try to maintain an enjoyable gaming environment, but if you are easily offended, or not receptive to criticism, then this guild is not for you. We consider ourselves pretty laid back, and are more interested in having fun and playing the game, then we are in parenting you.

TLDNR ... please visit: http://postmortemofcenarius.enjin.com/recruitment and apply! If you have any questions you can send an in-game message/mail to Caprica (no accents) or /join pmrecruit

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